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    Souldog sad news

    Wow. Is all I can say. I know I haven't been on the board in awhile but something told me to check in, never in a million years would I think I would be coming back to hear this terrible news. Jon befriend me here, one of the very first. We shared a lot of PM together as well as good old bashing...
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    Cutting the Cord on Cable

    I did this too last year, I am going on 1 year and 3 months cable free and quite honestly I will never look back.  Yes I do miss the sports channels and such, but I have found a ton of free streaming sports casting on the net that gives me all my Steelers and Pirates games that I need to watch...
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    VA vs MD

    Julius,     I have been in this area now for about 9 years, in all but 1 of those years I have lived in Maryland.  I personally do not like VA, I think Personal Property Taxes is one of the biggest rip off taxes known to man.  In Maryland you pay taxes and for the most part the amount you pay in...
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    6 Year Anniversary

    Congrats! Its always hard to know which browns I want to win year in and year out, but this year I'll go with the newer browns over the old browns by the score of 9 to 2
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    Wine Cooler deal

    Question, when looking into wine coolers, what should you look for to store cigars? Or does all wine coolers work? I remember someone talking about the importance of the seal and temperature, but how can you know about the seal without actually seeing/buying it first.
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    Calling all B&M owners, employees and members

      sound advice thanks!  :laugh:   David
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    Calling all B&M owners, employees and members

    Hey all, To spare you all on the details, I will simply say I am in a need of a part time job. With that being said I am in the works of scheduling an interview with a cigar shop here in D.C. Specifically Drapers in their Bethesda branch. (They are actively looking for someone to work part...
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    Pittsburgh Pirates

    I would like to thank Rob for the excellent selection of sticks!  I really do appreciate it, almost every cigar you send my way is in my top 10 favorite cigars.   Lets raise another Jolly Roger!     David  
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    Pittsburgh Pirates

      On the other side of Fort Duquesne Bridge can use a little help!  I hope we don't have to wait another 21 years.   I will keep an eye open, not necessary but thanks in advance!   David 
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    Pittsburgh Pirates

      Eh, he provides the leadership needed and also knows where he needs to be at all times (he was the one that got the cut off from McCutchen to get the final out at home against the cubs on Monday).  But his bat has been terrible 0 HR and only 2 RBIs since he joined. IMO adding Marlon Byrd to...
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    Pittsburgh Pirates

    Couple years too early!  But better late than never Go Pirates!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - to our fearless leader - ROD!

    Happy Vagina Blow out DAY!!!!
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    Continue this sentence and make a story

    Clint arrived to surprise us all....
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    What beer did you drink today? 2013

    Yeah it was fantastic, I am sort of addicted to Jamson, so people say it burns, to me it is candy.
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    What beer did you drink today? 2013

    Brooklyn Black Ops  Hoppin' Frogs Brewery Exclusive BORIS "Barille Aois" (BORIS aged in Jamison Barrels yummmm) DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter