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    PC Games

    my vote would be Dope Wars. it is simple and plain but very addictive. goto and search for it and try it it is great. once u play you will not want to stop
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    What else do ya smoke?

    I know I am finding myself more and more rolling up some bali shag and smoking that as well as the good ol' smokes I have before. not at the same time of course, but I just think that that stuff smell so much better then normal cigarettes so I figure since I am poor I will smoke these without...
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    LOL Herf III

    getting head is good look at the avatar
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    LOL Herf III

    yeah oh man...... :sign:
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    Morning Cigar

    45 mins....ouch.........well woke up late again today so we will try for tomorrow :D
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    Morning Cigar

    I would love to be able to start the day that way. i am usually to late to wake up though. i can not seem to push myself to get up in the morning though. lazy i guess. i think i am going to try and get up early tomorrow and see if i can get in a acid or maybe one of my Fuente Fuente...
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    Puros Indos

    :D i enjoy them as a everyday quick type of cigar like if i only get 3/4 of it gone i could pitch the last little bit and not be all mad or anything. i mean they are good but i like the Acid Kong Cameroon for my everyday smoke along with a OpusX every few days. and i have to have at least a...
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    The Beast Interviews

    :thumbs: :sign: :sign: :sign: blah blah blah. we need to get that cigar thing going that we keep talking about punk!!! :sign: :sign: :D :D
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    The Beast Interviews

    u could interview me, damn u, call me i got your cell stuff. and i want to go smoke with someone else besides my girl :D
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    Another plea for help!

    I am going out of town yet again and am seeing if anyone in the St. Paul area wants to get together for a smoke. i always go with my boss and we work a little late and then go to eat and stright back to the hotel and if i am going to be there all week i want to go do something.
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    Viagra Ingredients

    :thumbs: very funny. that is great
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    anyone here of these places just wondering
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    Puros Indos

    good little cigar and the maxima reservas are pretty good cigar. n e one else have one of these lately?
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    N E 1 From Chicago area?

    that is a simi def of what i mean but i am talking about like bars that allow smoking and encourage it as well as maybe a little more upscale then the local pub at the corner