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    Thoughts on CAO Brazilia?

    The CAO Brazilias are a great inexpensive smoke. I've never had issues with them. I smoke them on occasion. The America line is pretty decent that barber pole wrapper. CAO isn't a high end cigar, but I do believe that they are a quality smoke. I'm sorry your experience was...
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    Padron - accepting orders !

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. Looking forward to placing an order. Thanks Jim!
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    Keystone...damn...I missed your Padron sale again! Any idea when you may be doing your next...

    Keystone...damn...I missed your Padron sale again! Any idea when you may be doing your next one? In the meantime, can you send me your latest pricing list? Thanks.
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    Padron - accepting orders!

    Awesome...I keep missing these. Thanks.
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    2nd. Annual Cuban Superbowl Square's

    Congrats everyone!
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    CigSid should be arrested

    Nice hit Bill... Haven't been around in awhile, but I'm glad to see you are all up to your old tricks. Kris...drop me a line the next time you are it the city. We'll get together for a smoke.
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    2nd. Annual Cuban Superbowl Square's

    TP...I'll take 5 squares... C: 0 R: 7 C: 7 R: 0 C: 0 R: 3 C: 7 R: 3 C: 3 R: 7 Thanks for hosting.
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    NYC Crew, where are you? Deliverance Herf!

    I think I can swing the 17th if it's in the evening...many places to smoke...rooftop bars are big in Manhattan now and many of them allow cigar smoking.  There's also the old standbys as well like Club Mac and Cigar Inn.
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    Favorite budget stick (#1 in your stash)

      Truer words were never spoken.
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    Quad State Herf X - August 8th, 2015

    See you tomorrow Charlie...thanks in advance again for all the hard work you and your crew put into making this such a great event year in and year out.
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    Favorite cutter

    Used to be the Palio double blade for me as well, but over the last two years I've come to prefer the Xikar teardrop shaped cutters.  It took some getting used to but it seems to fit naturally in my hand now.  I like the Xi2 cutters the best...they have a plastic body which makes it lighter and...
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    Boomshakalaka Boomshakalaka Boom!

    So I've been laying low trying to enjoy some down time relaxing and enjoying the family and the fine weather we've finally gotten in the northeast.  But lo and behold...someone couldn't leave well enough alone.   I go to get the mail one fine weekday evening thinking about the cigar I'm gonna be...
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    Cigar notes

    Damn use almost the exact same method I do; however, I require an average CA rating of 90 and the vendor must have been in business for 11.732 years or more.
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    1st. Annual Cuban Superbowl Square's CANCELED!

    Great job TP.  Very generous of you to go through all of this for us.     Congrats to the winners!   Oh...and're a bastard.  :p
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    1st. Annual Cuban Superbowl Square's CANCELED!

    Next year buddy.