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Happy Thread

This might be long winded but nothing about storing a locker.

In January John @jfields came to my sons camp in Pa. to hunt flintlock. He needed boots so we went to the nearest town, Kane Pa., and had breakfast next door to a boot store.

John went to the mens room and came back and said he saw 4 pack of NEIPA from a local brewery, in the cooler, I chuckled and said something like "ahhh, dont waste your money" but he made me buy it anyway.

We loved it and went back and found a beer distributor and bought two cases, one of the beer we had, and one of another NEIPA.

Today, I stopped at my sons camp to spend the night, and shorten my drive to the QSH. I went to the brewery and a well endowed girl asked me to follow her..... This day is getting better. Now you all know that I am a trusting sole and basically do as I'm told. I bought a case of each and asked the well endowed girl if she had anything else she would recommend.

Long story short, we looked around in the cooler for a while and couldn't find the one she thought I would like, but I'm pretty sure her headlights were on. It was okay, I was enjoying her endowment.

She said they had it at their taproom but it was closed today. So I said I was going to the bar next to their taproom for a beer and if she happened to be at their taproom, stop in and I would buy the other beer she mentioned.

Upon arrival at the bar, the bartender poured me a beer and asked if I wanted to try thier "sushi special". Now to put this into perspective, you have to understand just how far this place is from any sort of civilization. The adults typically have more children than teeth. I jest, but not by much!

A couple minutes later, the well endowed girl tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted to come next door and try the beer she mentioned. Did I mention that she was well endowed?

I tasted the beer with her and bought a couple 4 packs. Did I mention she was well endowed? I aksed her if I could buy her a beer next door and she politely said she had to go home.

Despite her choosing to leave me all alone at the bar next door, I was having a pretty good day!

Back to the sushi ........... I aksed the bar tender a couple questions to make sure I wouldnt die, and proceeded to order a spicy tuna roll. It was not too bad

I am staying here long enough that if I get food poisoning, I am puking on thier bar!🤪

Short story long, I am in one of my favorite places in the world. I bought a couple cases of good beer to share with friends at the QSH. I met a sweet girl with a nice personality and a great body. I ate sushi in the woods. I havent puked yet (and its been 25 minutes). And tomorrow my brother shows up to make my day!
These two turn one on the 17th. It hardly seems possible. My wife and I went from not wanting kids, to getting blessed with twins, and we wouldn't change anything, other then maybe slowing down how fast they grow up.
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