My First Ever Contest


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At least I think it is? I don’t ever remember hosting one.... My wife leaves to go to England in a week and a half. While she already has spending money, I thought I’d send her with a little extra and count the change I have been stocking for the last year. Should have taken the picture before I started rolling, but the contest idea just came to me this morning. The spot you see me pointing to is the exact level of change before I started. The jug is 2.75 gallons (not five in case you couldn’t tell).

Guess the total dollar amount without going over and I’ll send you a nice prize pack.

Usual rules, one guess per day per member. No edits! This is open to all membership new and old, unless you’re an asshat! ?

Let’s run this until next Saturday 04/13/2019 at noon est.

ETA: Exact Date of end of contest.

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One of my fondest family time memories is every year we would gather at my grandfather's house around January and count coins. He had a large 5 gallon jug that he would fill halfway up with coins through the year (he would frequent the vending machine multiple times a day). All of the grand-kids would split it into different piles, sort, and count the coins. Thanks for this contest!

My guess is $210.


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It's making my back hurt thinking about last time I did this sitting on the floor. Lol

Thanks for the contest, my guess is $425.00