Opus X 22 CFCF Fun Box 2005 to 2013 Reviews!

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
I decided it was the Opus X Double Robusto was the next victim from this box. I smoked this bad boy on the 3rd April 2007. I cut this cigar at 6:52pm and then fired it up at 6:54pm. I did an initial inspection of it and found no visual flaws to the wrapper at all.


The initial draw after the cut was just right. It wasn't loose or tight, but the happy medium for a cigar and I felt this was going to be a good sign for the Double Robusto. Also the initial impressions of the smoke was of potency and strength. I can tell its an Opus with some beast lurking underneath this cigar. The smell reminds me of the Chili Pepper and the Lancero when this cigar first started out. I just exhaled some smoke out of the nasal passage at 6:57pm and its telling me I'm in for a ride as this cigar may need more than 2+ years of age on it still. I am guessing at this point it will need a min of 5 years on it before it would be truly ready.


Seems like a sweet raspberry undertone in the smoke and this really made a nice appearance at 6:59pm. Yet the smoke still says its to young to me for some reason. The first 1/4" burn is experiencing some problems, but it doesn't require a touch up so far as I feel it will snap out of it and will open up real soon. That has been my experience so far on all the Opus I have ever smoked. Still a light tones of wild raspberries that I can smell and this is a wonderful reward for me.

Now at 7:04pm something seems to be happening. I haven't really figured out if its the initial phase of a transition that's about to take place or something else. Time to ash at 7:05pm and see what happens as the smoke rolling off of the cigar as I hand write this review is telling me something may appear real soon. The smoke seems to have lightened up in strength after the ash and its now at 7:07pm. Ok...maybe not. LOL!!!


On the plus side, the burn does seem to be better now. I've got the impression this cigar may have some tannic taste to it already since I fired it up and its now 7:10pm. Its not a distracting as I feel this cigar has a kick to it and from my my experiences of these reviews.


There is plenty of smoke off each draw as that isn't a surprise to me, but something still tells me something undefined at this point is going on. Naturally I have my Russian music playing in the background as I smoke this cigar and write my review on paper. I find this helps me relax while reviewing the crazy Opus X cigars from this box. Finally, there is a transition at 7:13pm. I can taste the raspberry with a woody/alcohol taste. That is what was going on this whole time and it finally developed so that I could put my finger on it. The alcohol taste was not subtle at this point. It was like getting hit with a Mack Truck.


Time to ash at 7:16pm and the alcohol taste is finally gone at this point. The smoke still says it has a wonderful kick to it with a slight burn in the nasal passage as I just exhaled some smoke out of my nose. I wonder if this is the alcohol side effect and not that its young at all. Definitely a unique smoke and now I can actually put a name to the alcohol. It reminds me of a 70% rubbing alcohol and this was discovered at 7:19pm. Its not ruining the cigar experience at this point, but it could be much better.


Just did a touch up at 7:21pm and it was pretty minor. The ash is really dark and compact as a side note. Ahhh...the raspberry smell came off the cigar but the damn alcohol smell seems to be over-riding every thing else. It comes out after about 20 seconds of blowing the smoke out of the mouth.


Time to ash again at 7:26pm after I took a picture of it and a touch up. Another raspberry smell at 7:28pm and the smoke has one hell of a kick coming out. I think the first signs of getting a buzz at 7:30pm has made an appearance and an unusual peppery taste that comes out at this point as well.


Ok...this is odd at 7:33pm but I had a pineapple smell for a second. Its gone now, but the undertones of a peppery-woody-alcohol taste has come out after. Now I am confused about this cigar as I haven't really experienced this before. Its time to ash at 7:35pm and will see what happens after that. Other than a touch up. Well...slap me upside the head but the alcohol-peppery-woody taste is back at 7:37pm and its really made an appearance instead of some subtle undertone.

Interesting at 7:39pm as a smell of burnt rubber came out in the smoke. Well its the second time, but I dismissed the first impression. I felt my mustache and made sure it wasn't on fire after the rubber smell. I took the 2005 band off at 7:41pm and didn't hurt the band at all. Still getting a peppery taste off this cigar and the smoke reminds me of something from a long time ago in my childhood but I simply can't place it at all.

By the way, the smoke has been really cool during this whole process and the cigar hasn't got hot at all. Still at 7:45pm the smoke seems mild at first and then it tells another story. It was time to ash at this point and I still don't know what to think about this Opus. But I wanted unique and different, then this would be it. I still have a slight buzz going on here and I am wondering if its from the alcohol taste I have picked up or just a nicotine buzz.

Now at 7:53pm a slight Opus X taste comes out. Time for the big band to come off at 7:55pm and was perfect this time. The band removals on these Opus X CFCF box has been a hit and miss. Some come off cleanly and others just tear. I ashed again at 7:58pm and no cigar has stumped me like this one has. I still can't decide about this cigar and the thoughts of "I hope its a dud" comes to mind. Now I am getting hungry for food.

Even at 8:05pm, I haven't seen any real changes over what I have written so far about this cigar experience. Even now I have entertained the idea of tossing whats left of the Double Robusto and its about 2" left. Still the same after taste with the peppery notes to it. The raspberry subtle note comes out at 8:12pm. But it comes as fast as it goes. Not consistant whatsoever. First major touch up takes place at 8:15pm.

Ash time at 8:18pm since the correction is complete. As this cigar isn't cutting it, I'm tossing the last 1" of it and eating dinner.

For the over all impression. I still to date can't give this cigar any rating on a 1 to 100 scale. I'm still hoping that the first Double Robusto was a dud and yes, I've had some Opus that was off. The alcohol taste started to get much stronger at the end and that part was a turn off. I will post pictures of this cigar another day. I still have one of these left and will revisit it at another time and I hope the experience is much better than it was the first time around. I revisited another one from this box and the experience was better than the first time around. I forget which one it was too. So in short...this was one confusing Opus X.

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
I decided to give this one another shot and this time it wasn't so confused. I'd have given it a soild 92 on a 100 point scale. I guess the first one was just way off base as the second one was the complete opposite. It didn't have the alcohol/woody taste whatsoever. It did have the nice Opus quality to it and even many hints of raspberry throughout the whole thing that I didn't want to toss the nub. Much better this time. :thumbs:


I decided to give this one another shot and this time it wasn't so confused. I'd have given it a soild 92 on a 100 point scale. I guess the first one was just way off base as the second one was the complete opposite. It didn't have the alcohol/woody taste whatsoever. It did have the nice Opus quality to it and even many hints of raspberry throughout the whole thing that I didn't want to toss the nub. Much better this time. :thumbs:

Good to hear, thank you. Where did you get this "hot box" again>?

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
Its that time once again. I decided to smoke the BBMF aka the "Big Bad Mother F***er" for the second of last review of this box. The X Square will be reviewed when Swissy and Tkoepp comes to KC for the Padron event. I'll post the review later this week as I am heading to KC today. :thumbs:


You and your reviews, Have you ever thought about writing a book. I cant wait to see what your next review on the BBMF is like. :0

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
You and your reviews, Have you ever thought about writing a book. I cant wait to see what your next review on the BBMF is like. :0
Ironic part is that I have been told this by a ton of people. Family, friends, Professors, and others on the cigar board. :laugh: I should get the new review up after I get done with the Jury Duty crap today as I shouldn't get selected. :laugh:

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
1st May 2007 I decided to smoke the Big Bad Mother F***er aka BBMF.

After a visual inspection at 4:44am of this cigar, I found no visual flaws whatsoever. Even the "flower" was in perfect shape. Its a shame that I had to cut that off as its not common to find one with a flower like this. All I smell is a nice sweet raspberry smell radiating off the cigar. Hopefully I will be in for a real treat if the smell is any indication of what is to come. I decided to pull out my Casa Fuente Xikar for this cigar as I don't want any dull blades cutting this cigar.

I managed to cut this cigar at 4:49am and it was flawless. The predraw seems a little tight but that will change as soon as I put a flame to it. I decided to do something different with this review and its to watch the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" versus the usual Russian music.


Lighting this cigar at 4:53am. I can easily taste the maduro foot on this one and at the same time, the Opus X characteristics have already shown themselves. The raspberry smell and taste comes out and really starts to open up at 4:55am. About 1/2 way through that small maduro tip. The draw is really nice after the tip is gone. The smoke has undertones of some hidden strength and what appears to be a very mild alcohol smell.


Exhaling the smoke out of the nose at 5:59am and my impression is that this cigar seems very young even with nearly 2 1/2 years on it. The smoke also adds a little burning sensation to the nasal passage. A woody taste with a mix of something I can't identify has come out at 5:01am. I'm thinking this maybe an interesting smoke and I have smoked my fair share of the BBMF before.


The burn passed the initial dome section and has been the best I've ever seen on any Arturo Fuente perfecto shaped cigar. With it not needing a touch up at this point is amazing and this is at 5:05am. For some unusual reason I just picked up on a lavender smell for just a brief second and disappeared as fast as it came which I am thankful for. Not a characteristic I want in a cigar.


Subtle notes that this is an Opus has reappeared. The unique woody/raspberry combination I get off a Opus isn't overwhelming. I find this cigar is a big teaser for what is to come and noted at 5:08am. Again, the last puff had the raspberry/wood taste to it with a little mingle of alcohol. The after taste is also unique which is the notes I've already mentioned.

Just for a brief second, i thought I had a nutty coffee taste appear at 5:10am. Even now, the lips have started to tingle a little. I can definitely say there isn't another Opus like this one so far. Due to its size, I feel the true taste is being muted. But I'm digging it so far. Now at 5:15am, I got the wild raspberry taste which seemed creamy as if they was warmed up on a hot skillet with some alcohol. Maybe some Brandy. This characteristic seems to work for now.


The draw has been very nice and plenty of smoke off each puff. Taking a brief moment to mention the ash as its kind of flaky yet its still solid. Time to ash at 5:18am and will see how this cigar will open up after. A subtle hint of an underlining strength has come through once again at 5:19am. I'm wondering if this is due to the subtle alcohol taste and smell I'm picking up on. I have to watch inhaling the smoke as its pretty potent. So far the cigar has been pretty consistent up to this point.


Time to ash at 5:27am. Still has the underlining strength profile I've noted previously, yet the cigar isn't like an Opus any more. Sometimes the BBMF has reminded me of the Chili Pepper. Time for a minor touch up at 5:31am. The raspberry notes has come back again at 5:32am.


Just did a brief inspection of the area I cut and the tar build up is starting to fill the center. Again the woody notes at 5:35am and the alcohol taste and smell. My poor nasal passages feel like they are on fire while the eyes water a little bit. Time to ash once again at 5:39am and a little touch up.

I have to say that this smoke has always been interesting to review. Interesting transition at 5:47am. Something has made an appearance and I haven't decided if its good or bad yet. Possible due to the tar build up. A nutty/woody taste once again at 5:52am and also the burnt taste once again. Time for the 2005 band to come off and ash while a minor touch up is needed. The band came off relatively easy this time around.

Time to ash once again at 6:03am. Not much for changes at this point worth taking notes on. I just made the cigar hot at 6:07am to see if something else would come out after so its time to let it cool down for a minute or two. At 6:10am, I'm getting a slight after taste of raspberry. Again at 6:16am, the Opus X band had to come off and this time it was very easy. No damages to the band whatsoever as the infamous Arturo Fuente super glue wasn't present on this band. I did have to do a minor touch up at this point in time and ash the cigar. For a brief moment I had an after thought of I just ate a Pepper corn Steak at 6:26am.

Still not much changes since the last impression but it has a nice woody after taste at 6:31am. I'm getting pretty hungry at this point and this now leads into another ashing. So far the smoke has stayed pretty cool in the mouth as long as I don't get the cigar hot. Once again at 6:40am it was ash time. This was the last 3/4" of the cigar and it didn't change from this point out.

My overall impression of this cigar is that it was tasty and different from the Prometheus BBMF. This cigar wasn't impressive to me when I first smoked it a few years ago but has gradually grown on me in that I enjoy it now. I think I'd have given this one a 90 out of a 100 points.


Well it is nice to know that the 22 boxed BBMF has a little more to it than the Prometheus one. They are ok, but this one sounds like it actually brought the spice and flavor one would expect. As always my friend, great review. :thumbs:

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
Saving the X Square for Friday 18th when Swissy gets to Outlaw. Hopefully I will be putting a closure to this long review real soon. I have to make some photo files on Photobucket so I can organize the pictures. Not looking forward to it. :(

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
Ok...For an Update...The Lancero and Double Robusto pictures have been added. I was going to add the BBMF pics but I ran out of batteries at the moment. :laugh:

Edited to add that all the pictures are up including the BBMF. :thumbs:


I have never had the chance to smoke any of the 2005 line, but by reading your reviews I cant wait to get my hands on some. Thanks for the review Loren.

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
As the X Square seemed to be a dud, I will revisit this one soon enough. As my poor taste buds have been completely fried, I will wait a few days to revisit this cigar. :thumbs:

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
Ok...I'm currently revisiting the X Square and should get the review up this week. :thumbs: