Opus X 22 CFCF Fun Box 2005 to 2013 Reviews!

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Drum roll please....On the 2nd of March 2007, a rare stick is hitting the chopping block. The Opus X LBMF aka Little Bad Mother Fucker was the next victim in the long and distinguished list of Opus that is getting reviewed. I cut the LBMF at 6:36pm. I had to include the Outlaw gang on this interesting review as I figured this would be the best Opus that will come out of the box. After a brief moment of looking the cigar, I came to the conclusion that it was a perfect construction. After I clipped it with my normal Xikar, I took an initial puff off the cigar to judge the draw. It had a very easy draw and that really pleased me. I decided to fire this bad boy up and the little tip of the Maduro wrapper that's on it was just heavenly bliss. Once the maduro tip was toasted and the thought that hit me first was that this is one interesting and unique smoke. In all my Opus X cigars I've torched, none even compared to this little gem.

The initial smoke revealed that this was going to be an in your face cigar. The smoke was so strong that it could bring tears to your eyes and you didn't have to be smoking it either to get it. One thing that was remarkable is that a little Opus quality peaked through really early. Nothing like a Lancero or Robusto, just subtle and teasing you to continue this journey. At this point, I had already judge this smoke to be the most potent I've seen off any Opus X and then at 6:42pm is when the real treat began. I held the smoke in the mouth to see what I could pick up as it was just to strong to exhale out the noise. To my surprise, Bourbon/wood characteristics was picked up on. Something I haven't experienced before. I could even smell these qualities off the cigar and that put a big smile on my face. This was what I have been searching for and it all came together in one blissful night of smoking.

Then at 6:45pm, is when the woody notes really made a presence in this cigar. I came to the conclusion that this was one hell of a nice transition the cigar had taken. One thing it did remind me of and thanks to OpusXKC aka Tony pointed out that it reminded him of a Petite Lancero. After thinking about it and I had to agree with him on this observation. Yes, I did let OpusXKC, Smokyballs, and OutlawD try this cigar as none of them have had it before. I had to share the love on this cigar. That was just a bonus for me as this cigar is just so damn good at this point. What was really interesting was at 6:47pm, a alcohol note came through as I took a puff. It wasn't overwhelming but just a slight hint.

Then at 6:51pm, another transition took place. A sweet characteristic had come through this power house of a cigar. At this point, the first thought that came to mind what this cigar is like liquid crack making me want my fix now. Just an amazing profile for an Opus X IMHO. Each puff the cigar got a little stronger and so did everything else that was taking place in this cigar. It raised the bar in a complete and unexpected quality that I haven't seen matched in any Opus X to date. Granted, I love the Lancero, but when I want something strong and balanced, this is the cigar I would turn too. The smell of the smoke is just so unique that I can't even place it.

Now a transition that takes place at 6:59pm, the smoke takes on a really mellow note to it. This is when the power of the smoke really becomes evident as it takes it up a notch on every buff. Not overwhelming either. Just simply balanced and complex. If you think the Power Ranger has a serious kick or another other Opus, then this stick will take you for a ride of your life and prove to you that this cigar is unmatched in the Opus X line up. Then at 7:02pm, a sweet spot was hit. This stayed for a little while until the next transition at 7:13pm which I finally decided to ash the cigar. The ash was a tad over 50% of the cigar. This cigar is just a delightful smoke and wrapped Heaven around it. Again, many others had took some sample smells of the smoke as I blow it to them. It literally will make you cry as it has a kick that is unmatched in my travels up to this point in time. Finally at 7:20pm, I felt the first signs of a world class buzz taking place. Not many cigars can do this to me and I was up for the challenge. Finally at 7:25pm, is the first signs of the tannin tar taste that peeps through. It wasn't overwhelming nor a distraction. The cigar rumbled on till 7:50pm pretty much the same as it was once the tannin taste hit. It did constantly pick up in strength and here is the nub. Pictures to follow shortly after I upload them and edit the post. SO on a scale of 1 to 100, I'd give this smoke a rock solid 100 as it hit the spot. Now this is just my subjective review and it may not be for everyone. But I will gladly give any LBMF a home. :D


The Nub.
http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a18/Mr_Pe...SCN05480001.jpg OpusXKC taking a puff.


This is an EXCELLENT thread man! Thank you for reviewing these for us! I think you have more opus expertise than most of us.... :love:


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I gotta say, this is a great thread. I can't wait for the day where I might be able to sit down with just one of those beauties.

Its also good to see these puppies get smoked and not sitting in a humi somewhere.

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I did finally snap as I haven't had an Opus in over 2 weeks. I decided to review the Lancero from this box and will post it after I am done. :laugh:

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Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
I got lazy with my pills knocking me out and I should get the review posted tomorrow. I took a trip to KC on Saturday for a day of relaxation and what not. Ended up having a great St Patty day as well. :thumbs:

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On the 16th March 2007 the Opus X Forbidden X Lancero went down from this wonderful box of smokes. After a visual inspection, I can point out no flaws in the cigar. It smells of a slight summer breeze over a wild raspberry patch we had next door to our old place in Nebraska. That did bring back some nice memories when I had no cares in the world. The smell was hypnotic and very delicious. It was a hard decision to smoke it or whether I should eat it. I pulled out my Casa Fuente Xikar to cut this bad boy at 4:02am.

The initial draw after the cut reveals its going to be an excellent day to take down this Lancero. After gazing at this cigar, I decided it was time to light this bad boy up at 4:04am. The initial puffs had a little kick to it as I haven't had an Opus in nearly 2 weeks. I can tell its an Opus without a question. I exhaled some smoke out of the nose and it has sort of a harsh burn to it at 4:07am and wasn't to pleasant in the nasal passage. But it hasn't opened up yet to reveal what is awaiting for me. Granted, I've smoked many Opus X Lancero's so this cigar is no strange beast waiting to pounce on me. For some reason this one seems like it has a little kick to it in the strength department which isn't my normal experience with the Opus X Lancero's.

Going to ash for the first time at 4:11am and I hope this one opens up for me. For a side note this Lancero doesn't seem like the same blend found in the Prometheus Gift sets that are the 2005 band on them. Now at 4:14am I had to ash again. My nose is telling me this Lancero is another beast altogether. I'm definitely shocked by how many initial impression of this cigar before I lit it and now definitely do not agree as to what this cigar was going to be like. My initial impression have been tossed out the window and doubting this one will be a good stick.

The smoke at 4:19am as it burns my nostrils I pick up on a note that it has a woody smell to it. At the same time, the smell is something familiar that I just can't put a finger on. I can't say if its a related to a cigar experience I've had before or something I've done in my younger days, but its something I've known before at some point in time. Now at 4:23am is another visit to the ashtray. So far its been a flawless burn and no touch ups whatsoever.

Ahhh...Alas the raspberry characteristics take a presence at 4:24am which brings a smile to my face. The smell of the smoke is more pronounced at this point and its very unique. I think I can finally put the mystery to rest in what stick this reminds me of and it happens to be the Chili Pepper I had in Sept 2006 in California after buying it at Casa Fuente. This help explains what I see as a different Lancero experience I've had many times before. This one happens to have a strength profile that isn't like any Lancero or other Opus I've had before. Its not over powering or ruining the cigar at all. In fact, its a nice change of pace.

A sweeter smell comes out at 4:29am which isn't how it tastes. I can taste its an Opus and sure as hell smell it. But something else is going on underneath which I still can't figure out. I'm getting tons of smoke off each puff and the draw is fantastic. I can't find much to complain about with this cigar and that is a good sign. I do feel that this one is going to get a tannic taste to it and I said this prediction at 4:33am which is another time to ash.

Oh wow...that puff after just ashed had a nice tarty raspberry taste and smell to it. This seems like a major transition at 4:33am and at 4:34am. I haven't really noticed one before, but this is what the cigar was waiting for at 1/2 way to being done. This is what the Lancero is all about at this transition. I can still taste that it has a kick to it with this new transition. Now the real and true Lancero I've smoked many times before has finally made an appearance and seems to have stayed this time and its now 4:41am.

Perfect time to ash as well. Right now the smoke has a sweet smell to it and taste to what I am accustomed too. Time to ash once again at 4:47am and I'm just thinking oh snap...where have you been all my life. I can tell a huge change in the smoke and taste now. It still has a underlying strength to it with one hell of a balance now. The first half and the last half is like the difference between night and day.

Ok...Onto my impressions on the last half. I just can't say enough that the last half of this cigar is just so damn good. The smell is just hypnotic and mesmerising for me as this is what every Opus X should be like and noted this at 4:52am. Ash time again. Right now it reminds me of the Robusto and Petit Lancero combined which both are fantastic smokes to me. At least my apartment smells like an Opus X stash has been lost to fire again. The 2005 band had to come off at 5:05am and it was flawless. Time for another ashing in which a nice woody not has come out. I finally took off the Opus X band at 5:15 am and ashed. This is when the burn issues arrived. I stopped reviewing at this point as the burn issues was a little distracting but the cigar stayed true to itself to the very end when I burned my fingers smoking it down to the nub.

Ok...For a wrap up this cigar. The first 1/2 had a serious kick to it and not really balanced until it hit the 1/2 way mark and thats when the Lancero really opened up. It took on characteristics that is just amazing for a cigar. There wasn't many transitions on this one but the few that was there, they was major ones any one would have took note on. Over all I would have given this Lancero a solid 90 out of a 100. As previous Lancero experiences have been like the last half of this one but it was the whole cigar. So the strength unbalance kinda distracted the experience some what but still a fine damn smoke. I wouldn't turn one down if I was offered another one. :thumbs:

PS "I will add the pictures another day as I am to tired writing this one out. :laugh:"



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Wow, you write some incredible reviews! :thumbs:

That was great, unfortunately I now feel the need to go buy a LBMF to burn :)

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Its that time again of the month. Which cigar will be reviewed only time will tell this one. Stayed tuned for further details as today maybe the day one hits the chopping block. :love:


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They need to hire you for their marketing Dept...........Will work for Opus. :thumbs:


Hey Mr Peat, your reviews are very intense. When I read them I feel like I am the one smoking on these bad boys. Look forward to read the one for April

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
Hey Mr Peat, your reviews are very intense. When I read them I feel like I am the one smoking on these bad boys. Look forward to read the one for April
Its been done but I haven't posted what I reviewed yet.

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Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.


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Double Robusto, duh. :laugh:
Took someone long enough to see that post. :laugh: Unfortunately when I type up my review, its will be like having a cold bucket of water tossed in your face. :(
So, where is the review...... :whistling:
I know you posted this after telling me. In time it will come but a tad busy tomorrow so hopefully it will be done on Tuesday. :thumbs:
Blah, Blah, Blah.....................I keep reading this thread hoping for something new. Come on Loren, this is like waiting in anticipation of that package you want to show up...................but better. Your'e killing me. :sign: