Opus X 22 CFCF Fun Box 2005 to 2013 Reviews!

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
CFCF 2009 Opus X Perfecxion X 11th Nov 2010

I fired it up at 3:08pm. There is a little tear in the wrapper which shouldn't hurt the burn at all. Luckily its in a spot that will burn up pretty fast after being lit. Other than that little flaw, the wrapper is in perfect shape and a little darker than the recent Opus X that has been released. The burn is great so far. The ash is borederline grayish white and the draw is fantastic. The first 1/2 inch the cigar has been a typical Opus X profile but it is lacking the raspberry notes I detect most of the time. I just exhaled some smoke out of my nasal passage and so far the cigar is mild and kinda young. I just had a slight alcohol impression when I exhaled some smoke at 3:15pm. It kinda reminded me of Bourbon. A subtle hint of a sweet after taste.

Time to ash at 3:16pm. For some reason I had the impression of a Portabella mushroom for a brief second after I ashed. Going to ash at 3:23pm and I did have a slight hint of raspberry tart notes there. So far the cigar is like a typical Perfecxion X. The burn, draw and plenty of smoke you come to expect from a Opus X is there. This cigar so far is mild. For a darker wrapper, I would have expected a little more oomph to the cigar. Ok, the cigar has started to pick up in the strength department at 3:30pm. I'm starting to get a little buzz going and this was another ash. Well it could be my dose of pain medication giving me a little buzz. :laugh:

There is a slight sweet smell to the smoke that reminds me of some raspberries being warmed up in sugar water at 3:36pm. Still the cigar has been perfect in the draw, burn and plenty of smoke aspect. I just wished the cigar had a better flavor profile. I just don't smoke enough of the common Opus X any more so I lose some of my touch when it comes to the common line. Time to ash at 3;40pm. The lips are starting to tingle a little. I think there is a little peppery notes to the cigar but I can't be for sure just yet. Its a pretty mild note that I am picking up on. At least the alcohol taste is no longer with the cigar.

Ok I can definitely say I have one hell of a buzz going on right now. I'm still tired from my pain medication. So between the cigar and the medicine, my brain has one hell of a buzz going on. This is noted at 3:46pm. I am a little hungry so this is also a contributing factor of the buzz. Time to ash again at 3:49pm. There is a slight after taste I pick up on which is interesting. Well, after I blow the smoke out of my mouth. It reminds me of an earthy characteristic. I decided to each a blueberry waffle and bacon sandwich with real maple syrup on it. Hopefully the sugar will help counteract the nicotine buzz I have going on. So far it seems to be working as i would hate having my arse kicked by a common Opus X. I finished it at 4pm exactly.

Time to take the 2009 band off at 4:03pm and another ashing of the cigar. The cigar has been pretty consistent so far. I noticed a few spots in the ash that reminded me of a cigar where the oils have crystallized under the wrapper. But it isn't peppery like you would find in a Padron 1926 and a 1964 line. I am getting pretty hungry right now so hopefully the nicotine buzz will stay pretty mellow. Time to ash at 4:14pm. in which the big band needs to come off at this time. Both bands came off without hurting the wrapper so the Fuente Super Glue wasn't a factor this time around. Still the little specks in the ash. Smoke in the left eye has left it in tears at 4:19pm. :laugh:

The cigar hasn't really changed since the 4pm mark other that the ash has gotten darker. Time to ash again at 4:23pm and the buzz is slowly coming back. I can tell I will need a nap but I want to avoid it if I can once the cigar is finish. No corrections needed on this cigar and the draw, burn and still plenty of smoke off each puff. You can't ask for more than this when smoking a cigar. I am totally relaxed right now. I just drank some fruit juice as the buzz is picking up. Its currently 80 degrees and not much of a breeze in the partial enclosed porch. Time to ash again at 4:32pm and the shakes have made an appearance. Of course I am listening to my Russian music while reviewing this cigar.

Time to ash again at 4:40pm and the cigar has pretty much stayed the same up to this point. But it has gotten a little stronger is the only difference. On the home stretch now with a little over an inch to go. There was a burnt pepper notes at 4:44pm which was good. Yep, the cigar is picking up speed like a fatman rolling down a hill for a box of donuts. The oils in the wrapper have started a nice coating on the outside at 4:47pm. Time to ash for the last time at 4:49pm and the cigar nub is starting to heat up. The battery on the laptop is getting close to running out of juice which is perfect time since the cigar is about done. Tossed the nub at 4:58pm. i'd give this cigar a solid 85 on a scale of 100. Pictures will come up later when I find my USB/SD card adapter. :thumbs:

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
CFCF 2009 Opus X BBMF 27th Nov 2010

I fired the cigar up at 3:15pm while sitting outside watching The Expendables. I did a visual inspection of the
cigar and no problems found in the wrapper. Tight draw at first but its opening up nicely. I exhaled some smoke
out of the nasal passage at 3:16pm and can tell this cigar has a little kick already. Still burning through the
maduro tip. A slight raspberry note at 3:18pm and about to start the burn over the dome.

Starting to open up with plenty of smoke off each puff. The slight undertone of a raspberry note is in the smoke
yet at the same time a subtle strength that is present first. The burn on the dome is slightly off as usual. Not
a major problem and this of course is always a problem with these cigars. Exhaling smoke out of the nasal passage
shows it is still young with a slight lemon grass taste. I think that is the taste I picked up on. Time for a slight
correction of the dome at 3:28pm.

So far I am not to impressed with the BBMF. Seems like a little peppery taste going on at 3:31pm but its pretty mild.
The burn on the dome is finally correcting itself slowly. Definitely not like a typical Opus x BBMF. Something else
seems to be going on that I just can't place my finger on yet. I ashed at 3:37pm and plenty of smoke off each buff.
The draw is great but the taste is odd.

A minor correction at 3:43pm. Just got the impression a lemon for a brief moment on the lips after a puff at 3:43pm
Definitely an unusual taste I've picked up in an Opus X. Again, I am still not impressed with this cigar since there
doesn't seem to be any balance of tastes. Ashed at 3;46pm and the burn is pretty even. It would seem this is a dud if
any of my previous experience I can draw from. Its like this cigar is confused. One thing I can count on with this cigar
is the strength I detect.

A minor correction at 3:50pm. I just had a slight taste of butter cream that is semi-sweet at 3:52pm. Seems to have a slight
channel in the filler but nothing major. I was trying to get several different CP members to smoke and review this cigar
for me and glad they said no since the cigar is pretty unstable for tastes. A mild correction at 3:56pm and ashed at this time
as well. I'm thinking this wrapper is proper for the BBMF for some reason. As we all know the main taste comes from the
wrapper and this particular one seems a dud.

I did a mild correction at 4:01pm. Everything has been fine with the cigar but the taste. Its a shame that this cigar is
so confused. Another correction done at 4:06pm and getting close to needing to take off the small 2009 band. I also ashed
the cigar at this time. Just took a couple of pictures of the BBMF to show off how the filler looks as it burns. It does
remind me how some isom cigars burn. I took the small band off with no problems at 4:08pm.

A mild correction at 4:16pm and another time to ash the cigar. The cigar is needing a little more attention with corrections
at 4:20pm. A slight hint of mushroom at 4:21pm and its getting close to be needing the big Opus X band. Time to ash at 4:25pm
and the smoke in the eyes isn't to friendly right now. There is still a peppery characteristic going on with some strength coming
out. The big Opus X band comes off with no problems at 4:26pm.

I detected a slight alcohol/wood at 4:27pm which has the ole tip of the tongue tingling right now. A mild correction at 4:30pm.
Time to ash at 4;36pm. Not much has changed with this cigar at this time. The tip of the tongue has a nice tingling going on and
the upper lip has a nicotine buzz. This part of the cigar reminds me of a Monte #2 at this point.

The wrapper cracked where the big band was at. Finished at 4:56pm. I'd give this particular cigar a 80 out of 100 point scale.
Next one to get smoked will be the Opus X BBMF Maduro and will compare how the previous one stacks up with this one.

Here is what houses the fun boxes and yes, the wiring job still sucks. :laugh:

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
CFCF 2009 Opus X BBMF Maduro 29th Nov 2010

I fired this up at 7:29am. The initial smell of the cigar before lit reminds me of 2 week old ass crack. I exhaled the smoke out of my nasal passage and its still young. The draw is fantastic and plenty of smoke off each puff. Definitely hints of strength already making an appearance at 7:34am which the dome will be 1/2 way done. And the draw gets easier as it approaches the end of the dome. I started out with my Russian music and decided to switch to a collection of music videos that range from AC/DC to CCR. Now that is over so back to the cigar.

The lips are already tingling at 7:37am and the smoke has kicked it up a notch or two already waiting to beat me down like a $2 hooker at a football convention. The dome is almost done and the burn is holding pretty even. I did a mild touch up at 7:40am since that part of the wrapper isn't burning just yet. I did start my day off eating 2 Apple Fritters from Shipley Do-nuts in town and that was a nice sugar comatose for this cigar. The smoke has a slight sweet smell to it that is attached to a raging beast waiting to be released from this cigar. I think we may have a winner for my 2nd strongest cigar for this year. I just exhaled some smoke out of my nasal passage again and the cigar still gives the impression of a very young Opus X. I would love to see what 5 years would do for this cigar. The smoke has like a raspberry nutty smell to it at 7:47am.

So far its pretty tasty. I think taken this box out of the coffins was a huge mistake. So far no woody tastes like spanish cedar. There is another taste I'm trying to identify right now and can't put my finger on it right now. If Padron could take their high end tobacco and blend it with a LFD tobacco, this would be the cigar that comes to mind. The strength is there. The burn quality and plenty of smoke as well. Getting ready to need an ash and may as well at 7:52am. This cigar doesn't seem to be complex yet. The taste at 7:54am has strong taste of something I can't describe as of yet. It was a multiple things going on at once with the taste off the wrapper in the mix.

Getting smoke under the glasses is a bad thing to happen with this cigar. It has the right eye a little watery right now at 7:56am. I will safe this has been the most enjoyable Opus X BBMF maduro from the CFCF 2008 and 2009 boxes. It seems like Fuente put some killer strength in this one which should be good for aging. Hard to say as I've never had one go over a year old. Well, I take that back as I do have 2 from the CFCF 2008 boxes. A mild touch up at 7:58am. The raspberry note has been pretty rare so far in this cigar. The smoke has burnt pretty cool in the mouth so far. The strength has kicked up a notch as well. Not pleasant in the eye. The after taste on the lips leaves them violated from the nicotine. I have the impression that I just stood over a charcoal grill and got the smoke on my lips. I know, a odd ball impression but that is what the wrapper is doing.

Time to ash at 8:05am. I just had a hint of raspberry truffle at 8:06am after I took a puff. Still pretty strong and it will probably be like a snow ball down a mountain side before this is over with. Another mild touch up at 8:09am in which I also ashed again. I had another impression of roasted nuts for a brief second. The after taste I'm still trying to put my finger on but it is tasty. My poor eyes have officially hit the water phase from the smoke. I'm glad I had Shipley's for breakfast. There seems to be a subtle hint of tar from the cigar. Nothing that is hurting the taste at all as I generally pick it up in the after taste. The smoke is almost becoming chewy at this point in time aka at 8:15am.

I decided to exhale some smoke out of my nasal passage and what I found was is a mistake to do at this point. I can tell this cigar is strong since my eyes have watered a little from that little experiment. Time to ash at 8:17am. I took some fun photo's since I have to take my sis-n-law to work. Thus I will have to do a running commentary into my phone so I can type it up after I get back home. I will edit this when I get back so only a partial review.

I will add what is left of the review later today with the pictures. The last of the review isn't much to tell as the last 1" or so it was getting pretty freaking strong that any other taste was pretty hard to pinpoint on. I did finally toss the cigar at 9:08am. Hard to rate this cigar but I did enjoy in even with the hell of a buzz I had when I tossed the nub. It was definitely pretty strong like the one I smoked back in April 2010.

Of course I didn't put all the pictures in the post so here is the rest not getting linked. http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a18/Mr_Peat/CFCF%202009%20Box/


Cold Fire
It's great to see someone enjoying some primo smokes all the while writing about the experience on a Windows laptop.

Fantastic reviews there :thumbs:

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
It's great to see someone enjoying some primo smokes all the while writing about the experience on a Windows laptop.

Fantastic reviews there :thumbs:
I've been doing this style of review on the CFCF 2009 box. I normally hand write the review out as I am smoking it. Then I have to type it up on here so I decided to just cut the work in half. :D
Glad you enjoyed the review. I think the Shark is the next one to go down. I had OpusXKC create the line up for how I was going to smoke this box.

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
Hopefully after this week, I will pick this back up. Depending on the weather we may get another Cigar in the Car Review. I gave 2 BOTL's the Opus X Shark so it will not be included in this Review. :thumbs:

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
If all goes well this week, I will fire up the Opus X Rising X from the CFCF 2009 box. Its a busy week so it will happen between now and Sunday.

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
The weather was pretty good here so I picked this back up last night. All I need to do now is type up the review and upload the photo's. The Love Affair fell. :D


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Wow it is great to see people smoking these I always think of people buy these and just sitting on them. Awesome reviews rp

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
Well, I will be adding a few more cigar reviews. I'll be kicking it off with a CFCF 2013 Opus X Big B. Review will be updated later.

Mr Peat

Rich Perelman, "Loren you have a Godlike Presence.
Opus X Big B​
20th July 2014​

I did a visual inspection and it seems to be flawless. Even under the cigar band. Its time to fire up this bad boy and pray it isn't a cigar thats going to rape me. Its a 11:40pm and its burning. The cigar is a pain in the ass to hold between the fingers. The draw is wonderful. I exhaled some smoke out of my nasal cavity and its not to strong. I can tell it has some strength in the cigar by the smoke. I'm starting to think of a peppery notes at 11:41pm. There also seems to be a slight grassy taste when I smell the smoke. Its pretty unique.

Its a slow burning cigar so far with a pretty even burn. This particular Opus seems pretty balanced over all. Not like the Opus of the old days. A new beast waiting to be unleashed. Its a shame that its a pretty limited cigar. This cigar is a challenge to pin down. One breath it seems like a meaty cigar with not much going on and the next puff its a fire works show on the tongue.

I'm surprised at how mellow the cigar is. I'm getting close to the first 1 inch being smoked. Maybe it will pick up from this point like the Opus X of days long past. Its now 11:58pm. The draw was getting a little restricted but its finally opening up again at Midnight which will be the first ashing. I can still pick up the slight grassy notes. Probably needs more time to age. Still a pretty light cigar. I'm not picking up on the traditional raspberry but for some reason I have thought of black licorice a couple of times at 12:03am. I'm also thinking of a faint hint of roasted coffee beans at the moment.

I keep thinking this cigar would have been great to cigar to have during the camping trip with OpusXKC and Andy's Dutch oven deer stew. Time to ash at 12:13am. The smoke seems a little intimidating but it really is mild right now. So far not many changes and that means another time to ash. Its now 12:28am. I just exhaled smoke out my nasal passage and it has definitely picked up a notch or two. The slight grassy characteristic is vanishing and being replaced with some strength.

At 12:38am I'm starting to remember the old Opus X taste. I noticed a slight sweet fruity taste for a moment. I also ashed at this time. Exhaling some smoke, I noticed a quick hint on a citrus taste like lemon zest. I just did a correction on the burn at 12:48am. I finally got a hint of raspberry taste mixed with some strength behind it. Time to take the band off as well. Ash time at 12:54am. Just exhaled some smoke out the nasal passage and its finally starting to burn since the strength of the cigar as picked up. And I mean in a good way.

At 1:08am I had to do a major burn correction. I'm starting to think they should have called this cigar the Colon Cleaner and a major ash time. Another major correction at 1:28am and ash time. For a minute I had a flash back of Amsterdam and it means its time to ash the cigar at 1:41am. I also had a hint of mint. I did finally toss it at around 1:59am due to being hungry. Overall its was a pretty good cigar. The cost of it really sucks but the cigar case aka little humidor that it comes in makes up for the price.