Padron 1926 Serie / 1964 Anniversary Reference


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servebig said:
MilesMingusMonk said:
Padrón 40th Anniversary Series

Torpedo........6.0 x 54..........$ 65.00 est.* / $ 2600.00 est.* (40)

Limited production of 400 boxes / 40 cigars per box

* RTDA 2004 rumor..... :0
MMM have you actually veified the price on these??? If anyone has had any extensive dealings with Uptown Cigars, PM me and i'll tell you how we can do a box split!

Are you talking about 50-50 box split? Details man ;)


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Padrón Cigars
1575 SW First Street
Miami, Florida 33135

800.453.5635 - Toll Free
305.643.2117 - Phone
305.643.2138 - Orders Fax
305.643.6042 - Office Fax



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OMG!!! Padron Cigar Porn Extravaganza!!!!

That box on the 40th Anniversary Series is to DIE for!!


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s0ber said:
My local cigar store has the 26 sampler for $89 ???
:0 Ouch! Well the holidays are nearing, so there should be some more coming down the line ;) . Hopefully without the inflated price tag too ???


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yeah they are dicks at that shop, charging $18 for a 64 torp while 20mins up the road its $16. VSGS go for the norm around here tho =)


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s0ber said:
yeah they are dicks at that shop, charging $18 for a 64 torp while 20mins up the road its $16. VSGS go for the norm around here tho =)
the tobacco tax in NJ is 30% though, yeah?
$89's a healthy $20ish above msrp, but it's still about $10 shy of what the 1926 samplers sell for at local shops here (in CA) when you can find them. but it's hard to blame the shops when it's the state tobacco tax that kicks up the price so much.
I'm dead if that legislation passes keeping us from being able to buy from out of state sources! :(
(anyone got a link to specifics regarding that?)

but yeah, bring on the holidays! ...1926 sampler boxes, añejos...


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Has anyone had the Padron Superior? A friend of mine gave it to me about 4 months ago as a gift and I haven't smoked it yet.

Didn't know if I could get someone to tell me what they thought? :)


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Hey MMM, this is some great information gathered here :thumbs:

So it now looks as if I'm adding a few more cigars to my "must try" list. I recently picked up a few of the PAM64' and can't wait to give them a try. I should be able to pick up a couple others in a pass.



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Thanks for the bump... when you look up Cigar Porn in the dictionary, you see pictures from the first post.


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New Releases Announced at the 2005 RTDA Show:

Padrón 1926 Serie

New Size! "No. 35"...............4.0 X 47

"I bet there are guys out there who feel the same way I do about throwing away a perfectly good cigar because of time constraints. So when I went to Nicaragua, I told the factory to make a 4 x 47 cigar for me. On the way from the farm to Esteli, the cigar took 35 minutes to smoke. So we decided to call it the No. 35" -George Padrón

( In comparision, a Padrón 1964 Anniversary El Principe is 4.5 x 46 )

Padrón 1964 Anniversario

"A" size will be available in a 10 count box. Previously this size was only available in the holiday sampler packages.