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Today's Smoke 2024

They were great! Even fresh with that excellent code/year. Funny story...... I shared one of these each at @CigarStone Jeff's cabin with him and someone he knows (Brett). Brett was drunk and just loving this cigar. Started talking to me and telling me I was a cigar god. I was thoroughly embarrassed after several minutes and couldn't get the guy to stop, so I could just enjoy my cigar. I was like "Dude! They're just fucking cigars!" I tried to give Jeff the look to help me out, but he was in his own world.
I dont remember you giving me a look?🧐
Plasencia Alma Fuerte Generación V Salomon
It seems that regardless of what other excellent cigars I enjoy, I always come back to the Alma Fuerte. The rich full flavors combined with the luxuriant creamy smoke texture and the consistent excellent construction that provides a great draw and burn keep this cigar at the top of my list. Add to that the slow burning nature of the Alma Fuerte and this particular vitola is a two hour experience for me.
@GLI45 glad I saw your post a while back.
Absolute superb smoke. Thanks 👍