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    I'm not looking for sympathy

    Thanks to you, one and all for your prayers, best wishes, thoughts, passages of strength. They have helped me immensely during my travels. Yesterday I had a treatment and a visit with my oncologist. The cancer on my lymph glands has shrunk and some of the areas on my liver have shrunk...
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    I'm not looking for sympathy

         I am sorry about the lack of updates lately.  I just don't want to place anything except relevant information and was delayed 7 weeks in getting the results of the first VA PET scan.  They said it was because I changed chemo providers. Anyway, the results were not good news.  The cancer ...
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    I'm not looking for sympathy

    Thanks to all of you that are still supporting me.  I value you more than you may know!   I had a PET scan last week which (confusing) shows I am still stable.  The confusing part is that there was no comparison done with the previous (Non-VA) scan.  So in reality, until next chemo (April 14th)...
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    Midwest smoke out

    Has anyone here given thought to the Midwest Smoke Out this year (April 30th, Merrillville, IN, Radisson Star Plaza, $160.00)?  I'm trying to decide if I am going to go and seeing some of you there would certainly help me make up my mind.  Thanks,   Steve
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    CigarPass, I need your help!

    Voted 182, good luck.
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    Andy from XIKAR

    Ignorance IS bliss!!!! :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:  
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    I'm not looking for sympathy

    Welcomed back from Florida trip with 5" of snow last night and today.  I am sorry I didn't update before I left.  I Received my chemo at the VA Tuesday, then left Wednesday (Feb 11th) morning for Florida.  I took my tablet, but it is horrible about communicating with blogs and websites.  The...
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    I'm not looking for sympathy

    I worked my last day January 30th.  Now you guys have to keep working to support my social security.  I applied for Disability today.  It takes 5 months to start receiving it.  I can't earn over $1070.00 / month until then.  I am using the time I now have to try to get the things done that are...
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    Andy from XIKAR

    About time Andy.  I have used much of what you sell.........good quality, great guarantee.   Welcome aboard.   Steve
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    Ten freaking years...?..!

    You sir, have been a prime example of what defines brotherhood.  I am a better person because of meeting you.  Congratulations on 10 good years.  Thanks for your participation here.   Steve
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    Calling ass.Vendors - how about a Group Buy on a Bobken?

    Antique stores are a GREAT place to find the Floor ashtrays.  Sometimes relatively inexpensively.
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    I'm not looking for sympathy

    My 13th chemo treatment is over.  The next one will be at the VA.  I am retiring at the end of January, but will use accumulated vacation for a little over 6 weeks.  I will receive my 1st Social Security check in the middle of February.  Everything that I can report is pretty much the same...
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    The rumors are true...she said 'YES'!

    Good for you Gary.  I hope your marriage is a great as mine has been.  Picking a great woman is a wonderful beginning.   Congrats!
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    Just get on the plane and go!

    What a great idea.  Create a CP group trip.  Perfect!  Great cigars, and greater brothers and sisters gathered in the name of friendship and cigars.  It just doesn't get better.
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    Kris - you will be missed.

    Best wishes on your endeavor.  See you on the board.   Steve