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    Happy Birthday Smokyballs!

    Happy Birthday Brad. You have a lot of cigars to choose from for your BD smoke, enjoy.
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    Happy B-Day Neal (SamClemmons)

    Happy Birthday Neal
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    Caver (and to pay the bills I work for a large ISP)
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    A Milestone Day for a Dad

    Congrats on the milestone DesertRat. I know exactly how you feel. My oldest is a Sophomore as JMU and my youngest is now a Freshman VT. I'm now officially an "empty-nester".
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    Happy 35th Birthday, Dan!

    Happy Birthday Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have the time for a fine cigar today.
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    District 9

    I was told that District 9 was based on a short movie produced by Bloomkamp. Does anyone have a link to this? Never mind I found it: Warning: if you have not seen the movie (and plan on seeing District 9) don't watch this short film.
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    District 9

    I saw District 9 yesterday and thought it was great. It's a little confusing in the beginning, but once it gets going (and you figure out what is going on) it is fantastic.
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    Happy B-Day Matthew (Anthem)

    Happy Birthday Matthew. I hope you had the time for a fine cigar this weekend.
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    Happy B-Day Brandon (Breedy)

    Happy Birthday Brandon. Wow, 28 years old. I have a hard time remembering what I was doing at 28. But then again I'm almost twice that age. Have a fine smoke today my friend.
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    Come win a nice 5'er

    Got the 5'er yesterday and all I can say is WOW. Thanks again for the contest and for the fine selection of cigars.
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    Have you met my ex?

    That is frigin' hilarious.
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    Come win a nice 5'er

    Wow, that's cool. :thumbs: Thanks for the contest
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    burning insence around humidor

    I would move the humidor to a different room. Why take any chances.
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    Happy bday Shadow!

    Happy Birthday Shadow