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    Padron Londres Maduro

    Great review my friend! Glad to see your doing well!! Great cigar for the price. I think they smoke so much better with 6-9 months on them, then fresh out of the box. I may have to pick me up another box for some rest now... LTL
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    Fuente Opus X Robusto (2008)

    Great review. The table looks great. Chris
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    Pretty snazzy Rod

    Wow!! I hopped on this evening for the first time in a couple days and was very surprised. Looks great Rod, thanks. Chris
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    Padron 1964 Anniversary Monarca Maduro

    As always great review my friend! I like your style........You are a stand up guy.. Chris
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    A little thought or prayer needed

    Very sorry to hear my friend. Keep you'r head up and shout if you need ANYTHING! CHris
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    any gin drinkers?

    Love T&T's. I just watched a show on Plymouth Gin and it sounded wonderful.
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    Calling out Greg (Kingantz)

    Greg is top notch for sure.
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    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Thanks guys!I had one helluva birthday. The little guy is sick as a dog with a nasty cold, but still would have not changed the day I had for nothin. Also ol Franco damn near bloor the front door of my house right in, with a wonderful lil birthday package, thanks brotha! Chris
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    Gonna buy me a Pipe today boys

    Well Franco, how was your first go round with the pipe?
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    Boswell Pass II - IN PROGRESS

    George congrats again bro. My neighbor said that box smelled so damn good and made his house smell great.Can't wait to see pics. Tim thanks again for putting this together and having me. Chris
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    Boswell Pass II - IN PROGRESS

    I couldn't have done any puts any how all my baccy is in Md. George I really hope you enjoy your package and congrats to you. Chris
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    Boswell Pass II - IN PROGRESS

    Ok Georgey. I got to SC and went next door to grab your package. But he had sent it today soooo the DC# is 0308 2040 0002 4607 0134. Thanks a lot guys for having me in this pass. Sorry again, it truely was not my intentions for this to go this way. Chris
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    Boswell Pass II - IN PROGRESS

    Thank you very much. I agree 100% with you. Chris
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    Boswell Pass II - IN PROGRESS

    Ernie, Thanks again for the kind gesture. Don't worry about this at all. I am going to do everything I can, to get this out ASAP. At the latest George, this will leave on Friday Jan.9th. All thats in it is you'rs, I will not be opening the package. I will also send you a lil something extra for...
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    Boswell Pass II - IN PROGRESS

    I am blown away by the way you guys are acting over this. I have been an active, honest and upstanding member at CP. I have been out of town and completely unable to get anything done with the package. Again I am sorry this thing got sent to my wrong address. I have been updating all along the...