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Anyone follow Formula 1?

After reviewing, I posted the wrong photo of Senna's helmet. The other one must be a 1993 lid, as it still has his McLaren Marlboro sponsorship on it. Here's the 1994 helmet. It didn't say what race this was worn at (not Imola, obviously), but you can see the chips in the visor and paint on the top.

@Rope a Dope

How's the weekend going? Give a check in when you can! For your sake, I hope the weather holds out for this afternoon. For all of our sakes' watching via TV/streaming, I hope it is a wet race. :p
Red Bull and their drivers continue to prove they are extraterrestrials.
Verstappen another win. Everyone else is racing for second most days.👀
I missed the race.... DAMMIT!!!!!

Short recap: 1st half tire management, 2nd half nail biter.

You're welcome. ;)

ESPN sometimes re-broadcasts the race a time or two after Sunday, might be able to catch it yet. With football and baseball both up and running, they may not think it's worth it right now.
Crap.. and this week's race starts at Midnight CST Saturday night.