Are you interested in a CigarPass App?

Would you help donate to pay for the app?

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    Votes: 17 85.0%
  • No

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There has been some interest in an iOS and Android app for CigarPass. The biggest benefit would be push notifications. The cost is around $300/year to do this. That means, every year we'd have to setup a donation fund, and we'd need $300 to keep the app active, every year.

With that in mind, those who really want the app, are you still interested?


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I would be interested but am curious as to the functionality the app would have. I've tried tap a talk and hated it.

Would a Cigarpass app be a custom build or basically a skinned version of tap a talk?


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Rod, honestly, the new software works so well on my phone I'm really happy with how things are.

No problem with a donation to help keep the boat afloat, but IMHO no need for a special app.


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It would be a custom app, however would be very similar to tapatalk. To me, the only benefit to an app is push notification, however, you can currently get email notification right now. Email notifications also will alert you on your phone.


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I think it would be a good idea to try it out for at least one year see how it would work out. If not well then we don't renew it. I do think posting photos without downloading as some suggested would be a good idea on the app. Let us know, got $50 with your name on it.


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No need IMO, I agree with BBS...

I think the new site and software are excellent on all platforms. I use pc at work, android for a phone, iPhone for business phone, and have used Apple on the new site....

Works great IMO


If the forum decides to head that direction, I'm down to help...


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The current format seems to be working fine. I'd try the app out to see if it was easier to use or post photos from if there was a CP app though it's not something I feel I need with the new software.


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I agree. I'd try the app for sure but the new software seems to be working very well on my phone so far.


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I no longer use Tapa for CP on my phone. With the new software I've just been using the site on my browser's phone. Everything seems to be working well.


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Yes, I agree that the new software works perfectly on my phone and my ipad, and don't see a need for an app... I have push notification for email, which works fine.


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I can also install an addin to the forum which will allow for push notification to your mobile device. Is anyone interested in that? I'll pick up the cost of the addin.


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I am on mobil all most all day.
I run my internet usage through a Web/Internet accountability service due to some past actions of mine.
So I don't actually use mobile web browsing very often, this is one reason why tap or an App is very appealing to me personally.

I am down for supporting a stand alone.



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If the app were say $2.00 to download would the sale of the app go toward the cost or is ther too much red tape that way? Also if a push notification can be added to current CP, then I would t see the need for special app.