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    Wineador Drawers

    Yea that was my next question... I was wondering what finishes you have available... I really like Zebrawood!!!
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    Quad State Herf VI - Saturday, Aug 20th

    Wish I could have been there!!!!
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    Wineador Drawers

    Nice work!! I will be in contact in the near future for a Vino 28 set up!!!
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    Humidor Issues... I think!?

    Hey Kahnighticus, Seasoning a new humidor can take any ware from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on the way you season it and other variables. Some just get a couple of seasoning packs and throw them in there for 2 weeks and bang it's done. Others put a shot glass of distilled in there with their...
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    Anybody See This Cutter at the IPCPR

    Looks interesting...however looks more like a device to force people to give information as you are interrogating them!!!! I like oddities however, so I might need to pick one up just to play with it!!!
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    Storage Location

    The most cost effective thing to do is get a wine fridge. That will keep your mind at easy and your pockets a little deeper for more smokes :)
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    Quad State Herf VI - Saturday, Aug 20th

    I am hoping that my work schedule will allow me to make this event. I will know in the next two weeks. As soon as I know I will let you know Charlie. For the moment put me down as 80% sure!!!!
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    I got a problem

    I have used the Boveda seasoning packs with great results. When I get a new humi, I just drop 2 in and let it stand for 2 weeks without opening. Usually does the trick fine on the first shot. I would suggest dropping it in for the recommened 14 days, and placing your sticks in Tupperware or a...
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    info on new tat

    Tell you what, I had a chance to taste one of Pete's new releases that will be coming out after IPCPR, the La Casita and I have to say I was suprised by how good this Conneticut wrapper cigar was. That and it was paired with a pig roast at Don Pepins farm in Nicaragua with him his family and...
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    Xicar humidity jar

    Once the the crystals drop below the fill line a bit add glycol to the fill line. They will absorb it and you. Are good to go!
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    Help me choose a humidifier

    Sent to all parties!!! Enjoy!!!
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    Vinotemp 28 TEDS

    I ended up ordering 2 lbs of beads for my vino. I put setting this up till after my trip in April. Once I am back I am gonna get this thing up and running. Thanks again for everyone's opinions and help I appreciate it!!! Nickc
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    Don Pepin and Family Meet and Greet

    Moving this to the appropriate forum Hey Everyone, I know alot of people are Don Pepin supporters, so if you live in MA or RI here is your time to meet the man behind the cigars. My local BM (that has one of the best selections in the area) is having a meet and greet with Don and Jaime on...
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    Smoking a Viaje Saint Pattys Day White Label

    Smoking a Viaje Saint Pattys Day White Label
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    Happy Birthday, Souldog!

    Happy Birthday Brotha!!! Be safe and have a great Birthday!!!