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    Cigsid’s “look at me look at me” bomb review contest :P Partagas Regalias de la Reina Bueno 1960

    Awesome review. 10/10. It was better than Cats. I would read it again and again.
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    Happy Birthday Alan!
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    El Diablo Run choppers

    No smoking while gassing, my friend!
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    Why send them something they've already got?
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    Phil invited me to come tonight, but I've got plans. Are you still up for an early Thursday herf in SF?
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    Brent, you shut your damn mouth when grownups are talking! :laugh: I might be able to do Thursday. :thumbs:
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    Happy 41st B-Day Andrew (moki)

    Happy birthday, Andrew!
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    I'm going to lose 100 lbs.

    Keep up the good work, man!
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    What's the meaning of your CP name?

    I am the Great Seanholio! You will give me all your crappaccino! If you don't get the reference, google Cornholio. I took the name on MANY years ago, and I've stuck with it. There were many others who used the name in the 90's, so there are a few impostors.
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    Cigar Smoking for Idiots

    My sentiments exactly! He also needs to be taught The Purge.
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    Can diet affect cigar taste? I beleive so

    It makes sense. Much like a pregnant woman's cravings signal that her body needs certain nutrients, your body changes what tastes good based on what it needs, in order to prompt you to eat certain foods.
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    Gonna buy my first box

    I'd say get the Padron 3000's. They're consistently good, and you'll enjoy the changes in the flavor profile as it ages. Smoke one per month, take notes every time.
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    Oh how life changes

    Robbie, I'm more disturbed by your other preferences: C:\documents and settings\robbiex0r\pictures\pr0n\Bea_Arthur
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    Hell hath no fury

    Buddy, Keep your head up, your shoulders square, and your burn even. Do not give up on any aspect of your life. Do not let her dictate how you feel. You have friends all over the world who are willing to open their homes and humidors to you, and that means you can get out of town for a while...
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    Building a humidor

    I wouldn't do it, myself. Particle board has contained all kinds of chemicals over the years, and while they may have dissipated from your dresser, do you really want to take that chance?