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    Today's smoke - 2014

    Had a Punch Punch on Saturday night. I smoked one ROTT about 8 months ago, and I must say this is the first time that I have experienced the added value of aging a cigar. It really made a huge difference. They were stored in a tupperdore using boveda humipacks. Plus they were stored in closed...
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    Contest for Newbies just for the hell of it

    Day 2 guesses   Guess #1: 62 Guess #2: 74   Cigar that got me hooked: Punch Punch!!
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    Contest for Newbies just for the hell of it

    Guess #1: 24 Guess #2: 42   1st cigar that made me get into this craze: Punch Punch corona gordas!
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    Who Writes This Propaganda?

    I took this pic in a New Zealand grocery store because I was so impressed with their bacon culture. LOTS of kinds there.....  
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    Civil Cigar Lounge

    You guys are correct in that the Drapers own Civil. I'm definitely interested in checking out there other holdings.   Civil was packed to capacity when we were there. The ventilation system was holding its own, but it was still pretty smokey. I don't think it was impacting adjacent businesses. ...
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    Just When I Thought I Heard It All....

    "Cat Piss" is actually a descriptor of wine too.. ugh.
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    Civil Cigar Lounge

    yeah, i was tempted to bring my SLR camera rig to really document it. But it was the first time we had a baby sitter and I wanted to focus on my wife not get caught up with snapping away. I did see a guy there using his iPad to record himself smoking, perhaps a cigar review in the field? Next...
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    Today's smoke - 2014

    Had a La Gloria Cubana Serie R on Thursday. I enjoyed it despite my lack of top notch storage. I have a persistent ability to either over or under humidify.....
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    What beer did you drink today? 2014

    Victory Hop Devil IPA.. A good ol' fashioned palette destroyer.
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    Civil Cigar Lounge

    Went out Friday night with my wife to celebrate my 35th. Had dinner at Range followed by cigars and libations at Civil Cigar Lounge. We made a reservation which I highly recommend as we cut a large line to get into the place. Many of the cigar lounges I've seen in B&M shops just don't strike me...
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    Now thats a bar!

    I lived in Portland for 10 years. That inventory is one earthquake away from being kaput...
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    What's in your pipe today? 2013

    "Rum Runner" from Rich's... Sweet and vanilla. Like smoking a donut. It's good once in a while, not a daily smoke.
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    What's in your pipe today? 2013

    Having some "Sunday Morning" with coffee after lunch. It's a house blend from Rich's Cigar Store in Portland, OR. I really like it.   Here's there description, "This mildly aromatic smoke draws most of its sweetness from carefully selected Virginias with just enough Burley to round out the...
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    One Day I Have to Pull the Trigger....

    I'm a pizza obsessive and contributor in the forums at , and would second the Blackstone as a well tested, stand-alone option for pizza. I built a "Little Black Egg" (LBE) for cooking neapolitan style pizzas, and its awesome. The Blackstone is the manufactured version of the LBE...
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    What's your latest purchase - 2013?

    box of 10 Punch Punch tubos