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    Help on Illisione

    For a cheaper smoke, the Rosthchild is nice. Otherwise, the smaller gauge Epernays are delicious, and the smaller ring originals are tasty. Also, don't overlook the Madura!
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    Pre-Order Crowned Heads La Imperiosa

    Love Crowned Heads and love that band!
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    Quad State Herf X - August 8th, 2015

    Awesome Charlie. See you then!
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    What's your favorite cruise line?

    Have been on three, all Royal Caribbean (Liberty of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas) and all were great. RC owns Celebrity which is a bit more mature an upscale. Each line has its own feel. I'd suggest checking out reviews and the forums on Just...
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    "Not Your Father's Rootbeer" lowdown

    Bfreebern, wife and I made floats with them. Mason jar, philly vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Good sheet.
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    "Not Your Father's Rootbeer" lowdown

    I've had many. If you like root beer, you'll love it. It's best very cold, and gets a bit heavy/syrupy tasting if it warms. Not something I'll drink several of, but one or two are very nice.
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    Happy Birthday, Robert (Bayamos)

    Happy birthday Bayamos! See you in a couple weeks!
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    Quad State Herf X - August 8th, 2015

    Good morning Charlie. Check left this morning. Looking forward to seeing you!
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    CP 13 Run Pool PART II .. All Star Break until last regular season gam

    I'll jump back in the pool of it's still a go.
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    Buena vistas at a steal!

    Got my two $14.99 boxes yesterday. Everything looked just fine.
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    LCdH Cozumel

    Thanks for the input, everyone. Of course, prices were high, but I wasn't looking to fill a humidor, anyway. Bought a fiver for the ship, had a couple of spectacular monitors and some fantastic ceviche for lunch. An all around nice place that I'd highly recommend a stop at if in Cozumel.
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    Cigar Lounge policies

    The couple of places I frequent do have signs up 'asking' that your smoke be purchased from there. I've seen people come in with caddies and just use the lounge without issue. IMHO, it is simple courtesy to purchase from the store if you are going to use their facility. Not saying that you...
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    Thanks Famous for the chance and for being an active new member here!
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    Vacation - what do I smoke?

    Well, as a follow up to my post about LCdH Cozumel, I'm throwing a line out for recommendations. Will be hitting Cozumel next Thursday, May 28. I figure I'll have time for a couple at LCdH and time onboard for a few more prior to getting back to the U.S. on the 30th. I've had a handful of...