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    Considering selling my Aristocrat

    Ok, i'll have to find the specs. She's been a trusty friend for 9 years. I'm pretty sure its 42" tall, double drawer, glass top. its a dark red mahogany stain with an umber undercoat so its not so red. No idea what its worth, I'll poke around the internet and see what i find. Its in League...
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    Considering selling my Aristocrat

    First, i don't know if there's even a used market for them. Second, I don't know what it would sell for. Third, what the hell will i do with all the sticks. I'm building a new house and I just won't have the room for this like I did before. Thoughts? Since I've had kids, who are now 3 and...
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    March Scotch Buy - DONE

    damn, that was fast. i missed it :(
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    Open Carry

    Bill, Not arguing because I don't know the law there. But disturbing the peace has nothing to do with the legal carry of a firearm. You can disturb the peace in a lot of legal ways. But as soon as someone becomes "disturbed" a cop may use his discretion to arrest you. Yelling is...
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    Car Chase/Crash

    I dunno about the fast car part. Cruisers aren't exactly fast. We just had a bad guy ram a cruiser from behind on the freeway during a chase on my side of the city. He flipped the cruiser and kept on going. Then he tried to do the same thing to a Tahoe and ended up in the barrier. Flipped...
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    Open Carry

    As much of a gun proponent that I am, I personally don't like open carry. I've open carried during Hurricanes around here (illegally in one instance). Once under the approval of the Harris County Sheriff, as I was working in a fire station during a hurricane just after Katrina. We all saw...
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    Grandfather passed last night

    My great grandfather smoked a box a week his whole life. He also drank a bottle of JD black a week, too. He died at 99 years old and the doctor had the nerve to say he drank and smoked himself to death. LOL In his latter years, my great grandmother soaked his cigars in a pot of melted VICKS...
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    Updated Arsenal

    I figure i'm good for defending the humidor from anywhere between body contact and 800 yards. I can hit a man size target on a cold bore first shot with the 308 to 600 yards. I'm going to go do some 600 yard shooting this weekend and see how good my groupings will be. I'm hoping for 4"...
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    Updated Arsenal

    nope, but this is the lobby and others post guns here :)
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    Updated Arsenal

    lol, i'm married now, so i might as well have fun with the big guns cause the little one doesn't get as much play time as before!
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    Updated Arsenal

    Well, I think I'm finally at a point where my modified firearms are as tricked out as I can afford/need. Firearms are Rock River Arms AR15 5.56- registered SBR on Form 1 LMT 10.5" upper receiver YHM Suppressor - Registered on Form 4 Holotech Reflex Sight Surefire M3 Combat Light 25mW Green...
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    2007 Chieftain's Cigar Malt Reviews

    I got a bottle of the Robusto and I've shared a few drams with others. Its pretty potent stuff that I just can't handle. I think I'll hold onto it for those guests who think they like peat, because its peat, tar, shingles, and burnt tire rubber all rolled into a glass.
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    Status of the USAF

    something tells me information like this should be classified. I also would assume that this guy will be seeking employment. If I did this reporting on my company, I'd be blackballed forever.
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    Cigar Pass emblem on a Mustang

    my rear view too!!!! oh wait, i sold her for a woman in 2004. Man was I stoooooooooopid low 11's in the 1/4 and ran at the SCCA track too. put the stomping on quite a few 911's, vette's, m3's etc..
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    Body Frozen In Ice

    well, i don't think all the blame can be put on the people. Heck, the cops didn't even care to show up. Crazy. What is happening in Detroit? Sheez.