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    1st Cigar that blew you away!

    I would have to say it was a Cuesta-Rey Centro fino Sungrown No. 9. It was such a fantastic smoke!
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    My favorite is the 77 w the 46 up 2nd.
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    Today's smoke - 2014

    Nice pics! I'm having a nice Graycliff blue elegante. A lancero masterpiece!
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    Today's smoke - 2014

    Haven't smoked in a while but am having an Opus X Fuente Fuente now. It is the best cigar I've had all year.
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    Today's smoke - 2014

    Smoked an H. Upmann Sir Winston from the '70's the other night. It was better than expected. Nice piece of cigar history!
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    Major malfunction

    Last nite my humidor read 69% humidity. This morning it read 83% humidity. The humidifier is malfunctioning. It was not turning off. I unplugged the wires and ordered a new humidifier unit. The old one has lasted since 2006. This is the thing that sucks about having a walk in humidor. I have had...
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    Don Carlos Lancero

    These are fantastic! Nice review! I collected a whole box of these by going to Casa Fuente several days in a row with friends. It is a box I am proud of. I bought several extras too so I could smoke a few without getting into the box. They are one of the tastiest mild cigars I have ever smoked.
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    Old cigar aficionado magazines

    I have every issue of the mag. Got many doubles and many autographed. I know they are worth something but most of them are in boxes at storage. The only one I really want autographed is the George Burns issue, but I have not seen one.
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    Samplers vs. Fivers

    I would always buy a fiver if I could. Have bought many boxes because I couldn't find a fiver. In most cases I have not been disappointed. Especially if I follow the ad vice of fellow CigarPass brothers!
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    Won't be doing THAT again!

    I hope your Ol' lady does not see this post. Lol!!
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    1st Cigar that blew you away!

    I remember an Opus X #5 that totally kicked my ass!
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    1st Cigar that blew you away!

    It was a Cuesta-Rey Sungrown Pyramid No. 9! It got me hooked! Still one of my favorites. I need to buy more. I think I have one left.
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    Today's smoke - 2014

    I am having a PSD4 from 2005. This one is really good compared to the one I had a year ago. Maybe it was 2 years ago. This one has some serious complexity. Very sweet but just a bit bitter. Just the way I like them. This is in my top 5 of CC cigars. The last one I had was clearly in a sick...
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    Why do some of you guys have a problem with me?

    Such a positive response! We love you too!