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    Fridge and Wine cooler Guide

    Are you just using the fridge's thermostat?
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    Mold needs something organic to feed it. You should be fine if you sanitized/bleached the freezer. More info: http://www.epa.gov/mold/moldbasics.html http://www.mouldfacts.ca/how-mold-grows.html Thanks, -Chad
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    Fridge and Wine cooler Guide

    The freezer section is going to cause a cold spot around it. You may want to avoid it.
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    Anybody else think the McAngus at McDonalds sucked?

    I am disappointed people expect good food from McDonalds.
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    Joined the ranks

    Not a bad idea lilbastage, might be a good morning smoke. Regarding the law, I am still trying to figure out the details. They clearly except cigars and are focused on cigarettes. This language is interesting: They specifically call out "purchased". I would also argue that causal trading would...
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    Joined the ranks

    I have been reading this forum off and on for the last 6 months and finally thought I would take the plunge. I recently bought a Cob pipe and a tin of Peterson Luxury Blend at my local B&M to give pipe smoking a try. I found the Luxury Blend to be a bit mild for my taste so I thought I would...
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    Problems with RH% in my Wine Cooler

    I have had problems with my 65% beads for the last 6 months. I have dried and rotated them but none of it seems to help. You might be experiencing the same issue. http://www.cigarpass.com/forumsipb/index.php?showtopic=58875&mode=threaded&pid=885519 -Chad
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    Pacific NW BBQ

    Chris, I plan to be there with Sean who joined us at Smokey Joes. Please let me know what I can bring. -Chad
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    The Pleasure of Traditional Shaving

    I have been using a DE for over a year now and won't ever go back. It took me about a month to get down a technique, habit, and for my face to adjust before I realized all the benefits.
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    Cigar Monster

    Anyone for a box split?!
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    Xikar Cigar Cutter Xi1 Red

    Support your local small business or one of the excellent retailers that support and participate in the community like Heartfelt Industries, Uptown Cigar Company or Tobacco Village to name a few.
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    Cigar Monster

    My guess would be that due to the denial of service attack they experienced that they are now using a provider to help manage/filter traffic. With you being in Germany, there is a high liklihood that your traffic is being mistakenly filtered.
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    Cigar Monster

    Awesome ordering 1. http://www.famous-smoke.com/cigars/cart/autocart_monster.cfm?inum=24423 :whistling:
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    What cigars have you smoked that are real ass kickers?

    The El Cobres did me in, nothing else to-date has. Their original prototypes were nicknamed the Lobotomizer and Bruce Lee. Give it a go. -Chad
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    Hygrometer issues

    Hygrometers that we use are cheaply built and are generally only accurate to +/- 2%. Some are +/- 5%. Try replacing the batteries (this should be done yearly) and retest. If the wally world one is still off by that margin, toss it. Other then that, 2% variance for a humidor is fine. -Chad