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    Then Last Cigar You Will Ever Smoke

    Awesome answers.... I have a friend actually my friends father..and he voluntarily smokes(and chews) Macanudo Cafe Prince of Whales.. This guy goes through about a box a day no lie. He lights them but mostly just chews the hell out of them and then throws them in his fireplace. It's like how a...
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    Then Last Cigar You Will Ever Smoke

      The Padron 3000's and 5000's would be in the running a for me too especially if I had a budget!   When I said a box a month I should have just put it as a months supply. Because I'd definitely consider Behike 52's and I'd need more than one box a month too haha
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    Then Last Cigar You Will Ever Smoke

    You have been exiled to a remote corner of the world and every month you will have your essential supplies air dropped to you ( think the Dharma Initiative from Lost). As part of your monthly supplies you get to pick one box of cigars. You only get one chance to pick your smokes and these will...
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    Sons of Anarchy Cigars

    I actually liked the CAO Soprano, haven't tried these yet. I will probably grab some just because I love the show(actually watching it as I'm writing this...smoking a Opus Lost City robusto). Does anyone know who makes these? I remember reading an article where Ron Pearlman said that he mostly...
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    Davidoff Dom Perignion - Past their prime?

    The source isn't an issue. It is a private collector who maybe one of the most obsessive cigar collectors I've ever met. IMHO I don't think any cigar is worth that much either but I'm not gonna lie it's to impress a large client who is some what of an aficionado.... But if I am dropping that...
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    Davidoff Dom Perignion - Past their prime?

    I recently got the chance to purchase a few of these cigars and was considering it for a holiday gift to a business associate who is a serious cigar smoker. After doing some research I found mixed reviews, and many say that the cigars past it's prime and not really worth its price. Has anyone...
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    Lampeburger.. Do they work?

    I have a lampberger in my office and house. And I gotta say they are they best air freshener by far IMHO. I would get one any try it out. They can get a little pricey but if there is a JR cigar near you I have found they have the best prices on the oils and the actual lamps.
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    Need advice on a nice lighter..

    I Gree with a bunch of the other brother... DuPont is the way to go especially if you looking to make an impression. Just go with a repute retailer so u don't et a fake.
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    Most cigars in one day?

    I think the most I've smoked in one day was about 7. Three of the were PCs. They are my go to size for my everyday smokes, so three of thematic day is normal, but I stopped ant my friends B&M and we were trying out a new brand he was thinking of carrying so we tried a bunch different vitolals...
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    Montecristo #2

    A great review for a great stick… Thanks
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    Cohiba Behike 52

    IMHO I think they are worth every penny. I think this might be one of the best Cubans that I smoked to date. I have about 4 52s from 2010 left in my humidor i'm saving for a special occasion but even the newer ones still are just phenomenal smokes. I could smoke the cigar every day if I can...
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    R&J Churchill vs. Short Churchill?

    I really enjoy both cigars but I tend to go to the short Churchill's more often. I'm actually smoking short Churchel as I'm writing this and I'm burning my fingertips because I just can't put it down is just so good. This one happens to have some age on it I'm not quite sure it might be a 2009...
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    Por Larranaga Petit Corona

    Great review as always.... I love the cigars, they have always been one of my favorite PC's
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    Tatuaje Regios and Noella Reserva 2013 release

    Im smoking one right now. i grbbed a few from my b&m and had to try them since the 09;s were one of my favorites of alll time.. so far construction are flawless Im only at the begining of the first third and there is a decent spice loads of smoke and a beautiful ash. I wiish i still had an...
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    Liga Privada T52 Robusto

    I'm surprised you don't like the T52 if you love the No. 9. This week water writing the review I have been smokin 9's amd 's amd 52's, and I find them to be quite similar. Obviously it's all personal prefence...amd I have to agree with you on the toro Vitola. Unbelievable smoke!!!