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    Thompson humidors

    I have a Thompson Humi that my wife purchased as my first "show" humi. It is dark wood with glass top. I consider this to be my main Humi. It holds about 100 cigars. I have another I got from a dealer on the "LIST", and I have a large tuperdor, homemade. I rotate my sticks from the two latter...
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    Funny ebay item

    I think we have all known a few girls that we could have used one of these on! :D
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    They confiscated my favorite torch lighter!

    Dude, Sorry about your luck! And I am sorry for rehashing it but I have been away for a little bit and I am catching up on old topics! Take care. By the way we have to get together again! I will PM you later!
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    Help our Finnish friend out

    I guess the jig is up! I must be FINNISHED around here! :p Man, a guy gets busy upon his return to work and now there is an international manhunt after me! Well, DAMN THEM ALL! They will never catch me! I have taken my ludicrus profits and escaped to beautiful downtown DUNDALK! (Those of you...
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    Interesting video clip..................

    WOW! The first one has turned me off of milkshakes and for that matter I don't think I will be able to perform for a while! THANKS!!! :p The second was to damn funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbs:
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    The Wish List Fulfillment Pass

    Package was sent out Monday AM! I do not have the Conf. number right this second I will post it when I can. I just wanted to let you all know it is on the way. :thumbs:
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    The Wish List Fulfillment Pass

    OK guys, I finally have the package after an incredible struggle with the PO! I wish I could transfer my mail to another office! The people I dealt with were real AHOLES! :angry: Anyway I have the box and will send it out first thing Monday! :thumbs:
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    The Wish List Fulfillment Pass

    Long Time No Hear! Sorry gang, I have been in and out lately! I think I have traveled more in the last 2 months than I have in the past 2 years. I have had to cover for a fellow worker which has taken me from state to state, east coast to west coast, and in and out of the country! Anyway, I...
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    New Member!

    Welcome to our little slice of heaven! Enjoy and pull up a'll be hooked before you know it!
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    New guy over here.

    Welcome aboard the board! Enjoy Bro!
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    The importance is sometimes created by the ignorance. Perhaps if the public were a little less sensitive through exposure then perhaps words would be so damn important. Don't get me wrong there are cultural meanings to different words in different countries but if we all experience the fullest...
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    Wish Lists

    Horse, I wouldn't mind helping you with the first one if I could but your on your own for the second! :p
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    The Wish List Fulfillment Pass

    :0 I can't make mine out 100% but it looks good! :D Damn good idea man! Thanks again for including me!