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    Johnny O: EL Robusto

    I'm going through a bundle of '18 Baby Salomons at record speed. So good.
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    Singing in the rain.

    Singing in the rain.
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    what is the best way to get rid of cigar smoke aroma in your car?

    Burn a candle for a couple hours with all windows up.  Obviously, keep the candle safely contained.  Put it in a bucket or something.  I've done this several times in cars with leather seats and cloth.  Not only is the smoke smell gone, but your car will smell nicely of whatever scent your...
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    My .02 on Curivari Reserva Limitada Cafe Cafe 52

    I also love this line.  If you haven't already, try the petite corona.  That cigar is fantastic.  Curivari has a blender that really knows what they're doing. 
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    Beer : What's on your Top 5?

    Pliny Nugget Nectar Arctic Panzer (3 Floyds) Mau Coconut Porter Route de Epices
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    Souldog sad news

    Same here, Andy.  That was one of the cool things about Jon.  He had many different things he was passionate about.  Music, fitness, comics, community service, family.  He was so easy to talk with.  We developed a good relationship in KC.  In fact, whenever the Padron event would get posted, I...
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    Friends Remembered...

    I like 'Friends Remembered'.  Perfect, really. 
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    Souldog sad news

      Heartbreaking.  I cannot believe it.
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    Today's smoke - 2014

    Ramon Allones Allones Extra EL 2011.  Absolutely superb, and I'm thinking with a few more years this cigar is going to be divine.  Excellent size for the RA blend. 
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    Today's smoke - 2014

    Any cigar sounds good to me right now.  I can head out to the garage in 20 degree weather, and we haven't had that in a couple weeks.  Killing me, Smalls!
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    Davidoff Nicaragua

    Yeah, maybe I don't need another, as that was exactly my take on them.  That cigar really fooled me though.  When you smell the tobacco at the foot, wow!  I picked up cinnamon, sweet oats, that classic Davidoff hay...  I thought it was going to be amazing.  A handjob, when you were expecting...
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    Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

    Throwing in another thumbs up for the Serie O. 
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    Davidoff Nicaragua

    I don't have a solid opinion on them.  I've only had one of them, but I would definitely try another for $13.
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    Davidoff Nicaragua

    I had one a few weeks ago.  It smelled phenominal.  After lighting, it was medium bodied, very smooth, and ultimately boring.  However, there's a chance they could be good with age...?  I wouldn't mind trying another just to see if it was the same experience; but yeah, at $20 a stick, I may not. 
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    Damn 43-8

    Little rough on the Broncos in here.  They did win two consecutive Super Bowls, and those were both Elway...  They aren't like Buffalo, and Manning does have a ring.  It isn't the end of the world for anybody.  Although, Manning is going to need to find a sense of humor about that game.  Or that...