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    Vac - Cape Cod MA

    Art, Hope the vacation is going well. I do hope you get out and try to give a few stripers sore mouths out there. I do miss the fishing out that way, stripers on the fly rod are always a great time. Be careful in P town, :whistling: see ya Mike
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    Setting Up My Wine Fridge

    I took a Bolivar cab, glued the sliding top shut then zipped it in half on the band saw giving me two shallow cedar trays and had them filled with beads for a few months, no problems at all. It did stain the beads, they look like sugar in the raw but still work fine. Over watering would...
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    Its time to upgrade

    A wine cooler is a good solution if you need a larger box. I did a nice conversion, fully lined in cedar with fans and perpetual high tech wizzzz bang super hydration system (condensation routed into beads). Total cost was $300-$350 ish the way I did mine, but you could just buy the cooler add...
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    Obama wins

    We will see how proud you are when you watch the new president stand with his hands at his sides as the national anthem is played. No politics is impossible with this thread.
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    Martial Arts

    I agree 100% with Infinity. Any of the traditional martial arts will instill strong positive values and will help him build confidence in himself as well as make him physically strong. I would say that one of the traditional arts is great base, and that lead instructor is the person you really...
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    Ugh...It's starting a bit early this year.

    Little Bastage, LETS TRADE!! Here's the deal. I have a 2000sqft house , hot wife and a new motorcycle for you in sunny Florida (yuk!!) you can move in immediately! Now the challenges you will face, Uncle Sam will expect you to earn you're flight pay (details later) every month, the mortgage...
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    Fay is gone, but not forgotten

    I totally lucked out here in Jax. The storm really died down by the time it hit us, and watching the radar we had the weak side of the storm move over us as it went north, and after a few rotations over us the weak side was to our east as the storm went west. Extremely lucky looking at St...
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    I went through two boxes of them , they are nice with some age and between plugged sticks. My replacement was the Bolivar PC, same price range but a much better smoke IMO. If you can buy a couple boxes and let them rest the BPC are excellent smokes, a few plugged sticks out of a cab, but sooo...
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    Odd Smell in New Humidor

    I had the same humidor briefly. The week I ordered this one to take care of my overflow problem I found an Avallo I could not pass up. The smell is the MDF board that the tray bottoms, and aerator on the bottim are made from. I would loose the aerator all together as it just cuts down on 1/2"...
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    It's like Christmas in August!

    Nice find. I was also looking at that one, and the price was right, but self controll got the better of me. I did the same thing last winter, snagged up an Avallo very similar to that size wise and I can not believe it took me so long to get one. There are humidors and then there are the set...
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    Mojito Ingredients ?

    I second this one, I have tried a pile of recipes and this one is by far my favorite, Mojito You need to adjust the lime juice a tad for taste due to the sizes of the limes, but I think the fresh ingedients are the key, limes and mint. I have a large pot on the patio with mint growing to keep...
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    5 WOAMS 75 bucks

    Total rip off. They are good, but not that good. $10 is still HIGH, $8 now we are talking.
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    Is it worth $21.95

    I just smoked the last of a fiver I had last evening, my impression...meeehhhhhh. ??? It was as good as any Padron 1926 maduro, but I did not see where the extra $10 a stick goes. I have been loosing my Padron craving lately, they are very consistant and smooth, especially the 1964 maduros...
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    POLL: Military Service

    U.S.C.G. 12 Years and counting.
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    Vinotemp questions...

    I have had my converted Vinotemp running for just over a year now and have done some refining of my set up along the way. For me living in hot sticky Florida, the cooler works great. I have 1 1/2 lbs of beads with the condensation from the cooler routed straight into the dish full of 1lb of...