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    The Oddest Thing

    Are you sure you weren't smokin' the cheeba? :cool:
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    Co-worker scores on Cohibas

    What's wrong with the glass tops???
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    Back from Cuba!...Pictures updated.

    Beautiful Pics! You shoulda put a couple of lamp shades on those legs sticking outta the water :cool:
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    A newby and ISOM

    I thought taste was subjective? If Niteseer says it was mild to him then why all the fuss and talking about fakes? Can't a brother just enjoy a cigar without all of the innuendos? :cool:
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    bogus bands on jl piedras?

    LMAO!!! I think it might actually cost more to make the fake than the real deal :cool:
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    Noah's Mill Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

    That stuff sounds fantastic thanks for the review and I just love the large proof whiskeys...
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    a couple questions from a noob about cuban cigars

    Geez I didn't even think of that Harris... Fuente going to Cuba and growing and rolling that leaf, OMG! Sign me up for some of that stuff that'll be very very goooooda!
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    Laphroaig 10yr Cast strength

    Well I liked this so much that I purchased another bottle, great value. About 2 wks ago I nearly drank this entire bottle in one sitting. WHOA! I forgot who I was until about 9am the next morning. That is definitely some strong shite but very good until BAM! I was hit by the proof truck, LMAO!
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    H. Upmann Sir Winston

    Fantastic Pics!!! Great review I've had the pleasure of these 03's also one of the first "real" cubans I've ever smoked :D
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    Edmundo Dantes EL Conde 109

    I had a very similar experience... But I won't know again for sometime how they are doing, at least 2yrs.
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    The Evil Dr. Moki's Group Blind Taste Test #1

    I love these blind tastings from Andrew... One of these days I would love to participate just for the enjoyment of seeing if I can crack the "code" :rolleyes:
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    Monte #2's...

    I think they look pretty yummy but must to be sure you better send me a couple for sampling and I will give you my expert opinion :D
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    Laphroaig 10yr Cast strength

    I purchased a bottle of this yesterday and tested it out last night... WOW! What an incredible peaty flavor I enjoyed it straight on the rocks. I'm going to have to have a couple of these around.
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    Piedras with beetle holes as received

    Totally agree with Wilkey here... That is a load of crap if it is his intent to just replace the beetle stix! Please PM the vendor to me so I'm aware of who it is, I may not want to purchase stock from this vendor if he has a beetle outbreak, YIKES!
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    Herradura Anejo Tequila

    That sounds like a very gooooood recipe, thanks Ray :D