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    Cool cigar videos

    would it hurt if they put a vent with a fan in the taste testing room for cohiba's? or is it just bad camera lighting or something?
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    Found a new Special Occasion Cigar!

    those look good enought to eat like chocolate cigars from sees candy i feel the same way about some of the higher priced high demand cigars that i have, just about everything atuck sent me im afraid to smoke only because i have like 2 of each.
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    Smoking in the morning?

    usually no unless my son and wifey are still sleeping, but even then it's hard as i usually have not eaten yet(i have no appetite in the morning till lunch) and i dont have a "everyday" mild cigar for smoking on empty stomachs. up until this afternoon, i bought a box of 5 vegas golds with 12...
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    The only bad fuente

    i have a opus x no. 4 that has cedar sap on it.
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    Not really a deal but...

    brickhouse told me about them, he almost a month ago, he also said to email them to check inventory, and they said just about the same thing. they seem really nice.
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    why are churchills cheaper than rothschilds?

    i had a chruchhill that came in a tube about 2-3 days ago, it was pretty good. it was probably the first time i tasted coffee in a cigar, when i first tasted it i was trying super hard to figure out what it was, i later decided that it was some light coffee. after the whole deal i kinda wanted...
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    why are churchills cheaper than rothschilds?
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    why are churchills cheaper than rothschilds?

    i was looking at some cigars of the same brand and i noticed that the smaller sizes of that line are more pricey than the longer/larger version of that same line. i would think that since it's a larger cigar, meaning more leaf and more effort into making it even/uniform would make it more...
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    Mental Health Day

    got mental health? take a look at my avatar, then look away, take a look at it again, then look away, now proceed to get some lubricant, some tissue paper and some porn then walk over to the bathroom or bedroom and rub one out, then call me in the morning. ..yup but to answer your question...
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    What did you smoke today

    arturo fuente hemingway classic maduro. had lots of wrapper problems but smoked very well and was just about the smoothest cigar i've ever had.
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    Padron 26's, Tatuaje, & Pepin products

    how good are the tatuaje's? i have 2 of the same one, it's super long and really skinny, one came in a bomb and one was a purchase from a CPM(cigarpass member)
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    cusano 18's

    i had one, i forget the size but it was good.
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    Padron 26's, Tatuaje, & Pepin products

    hey i thought you were resisting the premium peer pressure :laugh: i dont think he's rushing, i just think that he just wants to see what all the fuss is about.
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    CAO Brazilia

    great pics! graet review!
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    my first opus x

    wow that looks really tasty, i cant wait the smoke the no. 46 you gifted me with...shit i can't wait to smoke all the smokes you gifted me with!