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    JO Loved the last smokes I bought from you. Do you still have some CE pigs? I'm on them - if...

    JO Loved the last smokes I bought from you. Do you still have some CE pigs? I'm on them - if so please send PM info. Cheers! Sean
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    W. The movie

    No way would I even bother ..... same as the movies from that ugly fat slob whose name starts with M. If I want to see crap, I'll go look on my lawn ... my neighbor has 2 big labs.
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    Fake Cuban's Article

    He has seen cigars made of toilet paper, paper, banana leaves, and cockroaches. I've seen ghurkas too :whistling:
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    The Letters - Update December 21, 2008

    Your earlier post noted that an insider said that OFAC would go down the list of people that they had obtained. Is there any indication that they do this by date or by last name? I'm asking because if they are going alphabetically, I've heard that they're on the letter M (W-letter).
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    You don't say?

    Oh hell .. I was in Venezuela last year and had what was undoubtedly Cuban sugar in my coffee. Where do I turn myself in?
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    Alcohol Knowledge Test

    Congratulations! You're 158 proof, with specific scores in beer (160) , wine (66), and liquor (130). Some of the answers seemed fuzzy to me. Then again, I haven't been drinking ..yet ...
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    Anyone ever tried the CI Legends series?

    Had a couple of the Red Perdomos. Nice pointy tip .... that was the hilite ... the taste was smooth but blah. I prefer their bundle cigars.
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    Don Pepin Blue

    Same opinion here. Great cigars.
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    So...what are YOU doing with your life?

    Well ... if you cut the drinking, partying, and chasing coeds out of the equation, there is lots of free time to take extra credits and graduate super-fast. But what's the point in that? Edit: grammar.
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    Time to share some good news with my CP S/BOTLs

    Just awesome news Wilkey ... all the best to you.
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    Salt test mechanics

    Very nice post. Sodium Bromide is not in that list, the numbers are 57.6 at 25C and 57.4% ar 30C. One of my friends wanted a dry box around that humidity and I sent mine to him, but with the introduction of the 60% beads, I don't think he bothered. As a point of clarification, KI isn't...
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    Bad beer news

    I've never been much of a Rolling Rock fan ... I find it a bland lager needing more malt and hops. Sure, it might be better than budlight ... but thats not its competition around my house (more likely PU or Prima Pils in the Pilsner category).
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    Is there a right way or wrong way to do the salt test?

    What BBS said. All you're trying to do is make a saturated salt solution. I use shot glass in a tupper. Hot water + salt .. make sure there is undissolved NaCl .. voila, saturated salt. You do need to reach equilibrium as BBS says ... I leave it overnight but Ihave a lot of water in there...
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    The Smallest of the Small

    I find you get diminishing returns when you buy smaller sizes so I don't buy them often. Other small cigars {not on your list} that I've enjoyed are RA Bits of Havana, Petit Upmann and Party chicos. You have to baby them so they don't burn hot and for some reason they're not always as...
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    Call for submissions: Rarities Torched

    Hmm ... I have a Dunhill Cabinetta that is burning a hole in my humidor. I'm ugly as shit ... you really want me in the picture? Maybe I'll take a picture of my wife taking a puff ......