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    Anyone have Breakup/Relationship Help avail?

    You stated...... ''She's angry because I repeatedly broke her heart, never appreciated her, called names, focused anger at others on her.'' Mental abuse is no less damaging the physical abuse AND IT SEEMS AS THOUGH SHE HAS HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT!! Hopefully she is with someone that respects...
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    Cats in the garden

    Most strays where I live have bad reactions to LEAD!!!!!!!
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    Sirius Subscribers

    I doubt he'll be back...... Unless he goes in for a long term lock down I dont think he'll live much longer either. And I dont see Bubba getting resigned next year either.....
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    What are you listening to?

    Rush Saga Yes Alice Cooper Sabbath Blue Oyster Cult Carlos Santana CCR Dave Mathews Deep Purple Dr. Demento's Greatest Hits
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    Been there done that and it was hell!!! Back ground checks, finger printings, random home visits and random drug testing here in the great state of Ohio as of 13 years ago..... Well worth every minute of the invasion that took over a year to complete. I adopted Jess (my oldest daughter, now 16...
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    Question for the Dads

    Our now 16 year old daughter pretty much lost interest as soon as she gained it so there were not many problems there................... But our 10 year old daughter is another story. She has a hand held DS that she likes to sneak with her to bed at night. Her Play Station time is limited to 1...
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    Happy Birthday Sheriff Buck

    Hope the day was good and the cigar was better!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday STYX&STONED!

    Thanks Guys & Gal!!!! Not all that big of a day. I spent it working on my daughter's new car (first car). She also celebrated a birthday yesterday....SWEET 16. Her big party is Sunday afternoon and I still have to finish wet sanding 3 coats of clear coat and get the sound system installed by...
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    Happy Birthday Stogieman!

    Have a GREAT DAY old man!!!!
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    Happy birthday to A Lost Texan

    He has more than found himself and he is doing GREAT!!!! Happy Birthday Bro..... I'll burn one for you this weekend as we celebrate mine & Jessica's birthdays.
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    Land of Lincoln Herf VII Sign In

    I'll be there FRUIT CAKE!!!!!
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    Got pets?

    1 year old St. Bernard & 10 year old daughter
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    The reality of my girls being born is starting to hit home

    I addopted my first daughter when she was 3. She was alredy a year old when I met her so it was not until she was six years old when my first blood child was born. I can remember being happy, scared and just about everything in between. Take my word for it that when you get your first chance...