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Recent content by cuppajack

  1. cuppajack

    Cross your fingers...

    Good luck! I think there is something in the air w/ all the CPers now getting new jobs! (sure beats a couple of months ago when we were all getting shit-canned!)
  2. cuppajack

    roll your own tobacco

    The BEST I've ever smoked is "Three Castles." Unfortunately the UK company that owns the brnd stopped importing to the US for fear of getting their pants sued off. You can still find it over-seas, and I'm sure there is a way to order it on-line. I just have my Londoner friend bring me an oz...
  3. cuppajack

    RyJ Short Churchill

    I've been sitting on a 3 pack of tubos for what seems like forever (i think they are from 4/07) and this isn't making it any easier to not smoke them...
  4. cuppajack

    Wow... box from Iraq today...

    Pardon the language, but that is fucking bad ass! Treasure it!
  5. cuppajack

    Gas or Charcoal

    As an urban apartment dweller, I use the hell out of my gas Weber. 3-4 nights per week on a slow week during the spring and summer. I love to cook over charcoal, but if that was my only option I wouldn't grill nearly as much. One day when I have a yard I'll rock a dual grill set-up...
  6. cuppajack

    Best week ever!

    Jeez! Another CPer to get the Axe! There has to be something in the water... So good to hear that everything is turning up roses! Full time telecommute sounds awesome!
  7. cuppajack

    Opinions on El Rico Habano Cigars.....?

    These used to be a lot better than they are today. There is a thread discussing if the La Glorias have lost their magic since the days of the boom, and while I concede that they LGCs are not as good as they once were, I still smoke them regularly. The ERH however have really gone downhill, to...
  8. cuppajack

    Got the axe today

    Sorry to hear that bro! As Putz Mulligan mentioned, I too got the axe a couple of weeks ago... We just have to stay positive and know it is for the better! I too was just trying to tough it out through the end of the year... Plans change! We'll land on our feet and make the most of the...
  9. cuppajack

    Special Occasion Smoke

    I had an emergency appendectomy when i was 12 or 13, and the pain afterwards wasn't too bad (and I was a WIMP of a kid!) certainly nothing a day or two in bed and a fist full of Vikes can't take care of! I can't believe it is out-patient now! Modern medicine is pretty awesome stuff. Enjoy...
  10. cuppajack

    GL Pease Odyssey- A review

    How is the Maltese Falcon?
  11. cuppajack

    How to prevent burnt rims?

    Prometheus makes a soft-flame refillable pipe-lighter with a built-in tamper for like $12... I want to say it is called the Bently. Pipe lighters help. Matches are good. I've recently taken to packing bowls less than 100% full (leaving about 1/8 inch of space at the top of the bowl) which...
  12. cuppajack

    Skeezed out by Estates?

    I just got a couple of the rubber bits a few months ago, and I must say I'm liking them quite a bit. I've got one on my Meer churchwarden, and the other on my Boswell poker. Both are pipes that are tough to clench w/out them so that is their main draw to me. I tend to bite a bit hard, been...
  13. cuppajack

    Newbie Pipe Packs!

    Yeah, relights near the end are normal. Especially if you tend to be a 'wet' smoker (which I am, though I'm working on it.) Keep on puffing guys!
  14. cuppajack

    Got the Axe at work today...

    Thanks again everybody. Today is my day to get organized and figure out a game-plan... Well, that and play some guitar. I was wishing that I had more practice time. See, wishes DO come true! seadub, I'll be in touch. yojimbo, I've got to make a decision about weather I want to stick with...
  15. cuppajack

    What's in your pipe today?

    Pinched a bowl of Boswell Sweet and Mild from a buddy's pouch between games of Oh Hell! last night. A nice light tobacco that I enjoyed, but didn't quite have the 'oomph' I like.