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    I'm going to be a daddy!

    :thumbs: Congrats to all of you! That was one of the gretest experiences of my life. Now they are 5....Does anyone want them????? :laugh:
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    San Diego in June

    :cool: Hey gang, just wanted to check and see if any of you are still up for a get together. The time is drawing near and we can start to nail down some plans. Post if your up for it and we can chat. :D
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    NFL Draft

    :rolleyes: I'll be darned they actually made a decent move and picked up Quin. I think we might win 5 games this year if our recievers can catch the damn ball instead of complain and our line has one less hole in it. :angry: Talk all you want Wolf we shall see. Baltimore has been killed in the...
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    San Diego in June

    :thumbs: Wow this could be a great get together! I am still trying to nail down my schedule but Tues and Wed is looking like the best time. Do those days sound good? We can narrow the rest down next. :laugh:
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    NFL Draft

    :( Once again my Browns make me want to vomit! Why do I subject myself to this. :( I hope everyone elses draft goes better!
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    San Diego in June

    Sorry for not being around the last week or 2. PC issues. :thumbs: A herf would be great guys. I fly in on the 17th and I leave on the 22nd. My hotel is about 3 blocks from the convention center and as of right now I will not have a rental car. My schedule will be book during the day...
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    Do cigars help quit cigarettes smoking?

    :thumbs: I thelped me quit. 2 years and running. :thumbs:
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    Top 10 B&M sticks

    I like this one. Great question. :thumbs: This is some what a tough question because you never know what to expect when you enter a new shop. My selections may also change depending on how the humi feels. Is it dry or wet. Here I go. 1.) Padron 2k M or N 2.) Ashton VSG's any 3.) AF Hemingway...
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    San Diego in June

    This is a rare thing. :thumbs: I am actually being sent to a conference the week of June 18th. I don't travel much and I have not been in Cal in 17 years. I have a couple of questions for you Cal folks out there. 1) Is there anyplace to smoke cigar in downtown San Diego? My life for the week...
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    A Tale of Two Lanceros

    :thumbs: Nice review. I totaly agree about the Graycliff. I have had a few of these and have not been to satisfied. The price is way out there to. A #1 sounds pretty good to me though. :laugh:
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    PAM Exclusivo

    :thumbs: Nice review. These are one of my fav's.
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    My first tar gar...

    :cool: This may be a coincidence but I have only had this happen on smokes that I felt where wetter than they needed to be. I have had a Padron 2k and some Brazil's do this to me before.
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    Anejo variance

    :cool: Well it is all in your palette. I am a huge lover of the #55 but I am OK with the #46. The #46's that I have had are a lot more harsh and bitter. They are still good just not in my wheel house. This year I added some #50's and those are very tasty. As far as variety, of course size...
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    How long does it take for you to smoke a cigar?

    This question is sort of like how to light or cut a cigar. Everyone is different. If I am in the yard or working I can suck down a DC or a Torp in 30 minutes. If I am enjoying a high end it would take me over an hour. It is all what you like but whatever you do enjoy it. :cool:
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    Ashton VSG Torpedo

    :whistling: The VSG line is terrible. No flavor and age does not make them any better. So please save yourself and send them all to me for desposal by burning. :laugh: On a serious not these are very great smokes and worth that rating. A must try. :cool: