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    Favorites of the Bolivar Line?

    I've got boxes of PC from '08 and '09, and BBF from '08 (two boxes), and both are outstanding. I have smoked a couple of the CE's, and while they were good, they were not anywhere near the PC or BBF. I haven't had anything from '10 yet, so I can't speak to if they are up to par or not.
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    Problems with CC 's and customs

    Ditto, got 2 boxes last week with no issues.
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    Best cc right out of the box.

    Had a Boli BF from NOV 08 two nights ago, and it was pretty darn good. I know that's not super fresh, but it's fairly fresh. I usually have good luck with them when they are on the young side.
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    Where should a CC virgin start?

    Bolivar PC is a great smoke. I've had some from '08 and '09, and they smoked great. Dip. #4 is another favorite of mine, but not quite as smooth as the Boli. Aaron
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Gearing up for Christmas, I figured I'd better spend money on myself while I still have it! 2 OpusX Double Corona 2 Opus X Belicoso XXX 1 Tat Cojonu 2009 4 Padron 2000 Maduro I was pretty pumped to find the DC, and the XXX is my favorite. So it was a good shopping trip!
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    Cigars Damp?

    I was having similar problems with some of my cigars, particularly cigars with darker wrappers. I brought my RH from 69-70 down to 65-66, and all my burn problems went away. I was amazed at how much difference just a few points of change in RH had on the way a cigar smoked. I now keep all my...
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    Built in Wall Humidor - First time project

    LOL exactly! My wife has family in Ohio and when we go visit them, I stand in the full sized basements and think 'oh what I could do down here!' Nice work on the humidor!
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    Bolivar Petit Corona, Montecristo #4

    Well, I decided to try another #4 against my better judgement. To my pleasant surprise, it is really good! Smoking it right now with a glass of Mac 12, and I'm happy to find out that I may have just had a bad one last time. They still need some time I think. I had every intention of not...
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    Triple Cap?

    I was in a similar situation a few months ago. A buddy came back from Houduras with 1/2 box of Cohibas. While I was doubtful about the authenticity, I didn't say anything, and smoked one with him. It wasn't the worst cigar I ever smoked, but not as good as it should have been, even though it was...
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    If you're upgrading to a bigger humidor...

    Wow. That is an impressive collection of cigars you have there.
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    Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva

    Nice score man. What are you going to drink when you smoke one of those bad boys?
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    finished my cabinet

    Good job on the cabinet, and I'm extremely jealous of your smoking room. We are looking at houses right now and one of my criteria is a room that is already or can easily be made smoke-friendly. Nice work!
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    Hoyo Epicure Especial & Mac 30

    LOL exactly what I was thinking! But, who wants a camera when you can be drinking that scotch! Haha
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    Bolivar Petit Corona, Montecristo #4

    Yeah the Boli's have a really great complexity and full body taste. I haven't been smoking much in the last week or so, I hope to mix a few new smokes in the near future. I'm sure I will find others I enjoy, but the Boli's are at the top of my list for sure. I want to age some of the PC's but...
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    Today's Smoke II

    Bolivar PC with a glass of Blanton's bourbon.