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    NEWBIE WAR 2009!

    My pleasure Mike, hope you enjoy the selection. :thumbs:
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    NEWBIE WAR 2009!

    Enjoy brother. :thumbs:
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    The Dark Knight...goes nutzoid...

    This is brilliant. Bale vs. O'Reilly
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    ugaman72 please email or pm

    He joined CP 1-September 08 which might explain why he was selling on eBay and not here. He wouldn't qualify to sell here until Feb. 1. Even then, being a new member he would be expected to ship first. Not the case on eBay. He was last on CP Feb. 11 so he probably hasn't seen this post yet...
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    Oliva Master Blend II

    MB IIs are good but I prefer the original MBs to the subsequent releases.
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    I am going in boys...cover me.

    Nice! Just remember, cigars are for smoking, not looking at and admiring. :sign:
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    NEWBIE WAR 2009!

    Bombs Away! 0308 3390 000 1232 0066 0308 3390 000 1232 0059 0308 3390 000 1232 0042 0308 3390 000 1232 0035 Fuggin' newbies. :sign:
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    Buffalo Trace Bourbon

    One of my go to bourbons. :thumbs:
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    NOVA February Herf

    I'm in. :thumbs:
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    Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act

    Yeah, Israel posted this a few days ago and it was discussed briefly. Interesting idea, not sure if it will fly.
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    black ooze

    This happens to me with Torps when I don't cut enough off the end. Opening it up with a larger cut alleviates the problem as others have said.
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    My 2 most recent purchases

    Nice! Those Jose Piedras are great smokes. :sign: :laugh:
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    Sosa Cigars

    Was just in Orlando with family and made it to Sosa Cigars in Downtown Disney and then to the cigar bar on Pleasure Island. I purchased a Sosa Maduro for about $6.00 and have to say it was a pretty damn good cigar! I was pleasantly surprised and wish I had bought more. But alas, after a vodka...
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    Travel to Cuba

    Not sure if you are implying that there is no such bill, but if you are, there is. It's House Bill H.R.874.IH
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    NEWBIE WAR 2009!

    Fuggin' newbie is right. I don't know where YOU get off sending ME a package like you sent. You're humidor must be empty now because you can't have that many nice sticks left in there. :sign: Not only did this newb of only 4 short months send me some choice sticks, he also had the cojones...