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    How many sticks do you give away a year?

    Probably a couple boxes. Maybe more, maybe less. Don't really keep count. Chemyst
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Bundle of RP Factory Seconds. Good price, though worry about quality. Chemyst :cool:
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    Attention Vinotemp owners

    I'm like strayvector. I don't even plug it in anymore. It stays between 65/65 and 70/68 all year long. Beads rule! Chemyst :cool:
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    What do you guys use to maintain inventory

    I use CIGARS to maintain my inventory. Sheesh! Chemyst :cool:
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    Foam out/Beads in?

    Beads + water + hygrometer Don't make it more complicated than necessary. Heartfelt is the place to go. Calculate how many # beads they recommend for your volume, then add 50%. Make sure your tower seals well. Then just check your hygros every week or so. Add water as necessary. Beads work...
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    Question about cutter

    I got my Xikar before Palios came out. I got a Palio for a backup. Both work well. No advantage to either, as far as I can tell. Both have lifetime warranties. Chemyst :cool:
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    Recommendations for buying from Online websites

    Eric, in Chicago, treats his customers exceptionally well. I haven't ordered from Keystone Raider, but I hear he does the same. Same for Uptown Issy. CI, CBid, Famous, Atlantic,, and other online dealers have been my sources at different times. NO problems...
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    Padilla signature 1932

    My local Padilla 'ho' says even the new new blend is good. I have 1/2 box of the post OR blend, and they're good+ for the CBid price. Still have a few OR '32s. Special occassion smoke, now. Chemyst :cool:
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Box of San Cristobal Elegancias from CBid. Great deal on a very good cigar.
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    Cigars or cigar brands to avoid?

    Cigars are really a mutual admiration society. Bad mouthing is discouraged. One man's dog rocket is another man's gem. You gotta try a lot, to find your favs. You might get some hits if you search for "dog rocket". Chemyst :cool:
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    What the Hell?

    They're a very reliable lighter. I got a display pack from for like $20, and should have bought 2. I give them away occasionally. If I keep the 6 remaining lighters, it might be a lifetime supply! That's how reliable they are! Why can't the other manufacturers make lighters that...
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    Tuppador Storage & Buying a New Humidor

    The bigger the better. You might post an ISO and get a good deal from someone who moved up to a cabinet and has a spare 100+ count for sale/trade. Bad seals can be fixed with a little work and bathtub caulk. Chemyst :cool:
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    Cigars for a college student's budget.

    Heck, $3-$5 is my normal range. I get a lot from the auctions, but if you can get $100 for a box, your options are multiplied. My favs under $5 are HdM Excalibur, Punch Rare Corojo, Fuente 858, RyJ Reserve maduro, Padilla 1932(auction), CAO Brazilia, La Riqueza(monster), Diesel, etc. The daily...
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    Done, thanks, need time off.

    When this happened to me I was going to quit, but I just kept smoking on my regular routine, and soon I forgot that I was going to quit. Several months later I found that I no longer needed to smoke strong cigars to get the flavors, so I cut back to medium smokes and life is good again. My...