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    Cheap online source for JFR cigars?

    Looking for a place online to get a good deal on a 50ct cabinet of the JFR torpedo's? I havent found much in my search attempts. Thanks in advance!
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    Another Altadis Deal

    Got mine too. Packed the same, but no damage! Hopefully some of their other offers will start billing/shipping as quickly. Thanks for the link!!
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    Humidor Closeout!

    Ahh dangit, I didnt follow that other thread. :( Hopefully something will be left over. I'm in on the Tat & DPG bandwagon as of late myself!!
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    Humidor Closeout!

    I dunno never had one, but for a $1.50 a pop I would be in for a full box of the DP white label torpedo's if you want to set me up? :love:
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    Project Walk-In

    oops, sorry about that! It's been a few days since I read the first page on this thread! :) Forgot what all was on there besides just the pictures.
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    Project Walk-In

    Man thats going to be awesome to have in your house! I hope an appropriatly sized smoking room will be just off to the side there where you can smoke, relax and window shop! All right there in your own home! Just curious, what kind of seasoning time do you think this size of a "humidor" is...
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    La Aurora Preferidos (Ruby Tube)

    Wow that looks delicious! I've been wanting to try one of these for a long time now. Love perfecto's (or any figurado actually) and maduro, seems like it would be a good fit! Never had anything by La Aurora, I need to pick one of these up!
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    Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles

    So far all of the TAT havana 6's have ALL been amazing smokes! The same B&M JHawk got his from has the whole line and so far I have had 3 of the six and all are fantastic!!
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    Agreed. It can be done for a very reasonable price!! See this thread for LOTS of really good info! I did mine very cheaply for the amount of storage space I got, and so far I am still VERY happy with it! Works like a champ!!
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    Crazy deal!

    Thanks for the link! Just sent in my order. I bought a box of the Belicoso's and love them, they are great!
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    What did you smoke today

    Damnit, so close! :D
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    Not trying to rain on your parade or anything, it souds pretty cool, just looking out. Be carefull with this. It sounds like an NFA Class II item, considered an any AOW (any other weapon) and without the proper paperwork & tax stamp, certain "alphabet" agencies would frown on it. Just be...
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    Whats Your Latest Puchase

    NullSmurf, it depends. On the left is the Culebra Gorda, on the right with the pig-tail standing next to the Box is an LFD "The Outlaw" Thats the last single I have, the box is full!
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    Whats Your Latest Puchase

    Posted the pic in the herfs thread but since it was my biggest cigar splurge yet I thought I would share it here too. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case it's worth about $400! :D All La Flor Dominicana from the event last saturday at The Outlaw in KC:
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    OUTLAW CIGAR CO '06 Event Schedule

    Was a damn good party! And WOW! The Outlaw cigar is fan-f'ing-tastic!!! Thank you Litto!! A couple pics of my La Flor Score from the event: (yep thats a full box ;) ) I didn't score per say but just getting a pic with her was good enough! :laugh: :love: :love: